Overcoming The Challenges Of Increasing Complexity and Rapid Change with Jason Thai-Kennedy

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Hello everyone! My name is Ladek and my guest for this episode is Jason Thai-Kennedy, a learning strategist who works with leaders in today’s age of continuous change. He is currently a Senior Learning and Communications Manager at Electronic Arts.

In this ‘continuously-changing’ conversation Jason and I talk about

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5:27 › The Rapid Pace of Change, the feeling of overwhelm around that and then the complexity that is then layered on top of the rapid change. We also discuss whether complexity is increasing in the eLearning space and EdTech?

12:15 › Jason’s Design Approach to change that is non hierarchical, and the complexities involved with working with and through communities

23:37 › The Key Data Jason Collects to track their work and how that is used to develop your learning strategies that are aligned with EA’s business goals (and when things haven’t worked out)

36:25 › How Jason Communicates A Vision to reduce overwhelm around change complexity, and how he leverages company structure to ensure alignment across leaders and managers

44:50 › How Jason Sets Himself Apart as a learning professional within an organization in order to be most effective and assuage the complexities and the fear around change

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  1. It was an absolute pleasure connecting with you, Ladek! I look forward to connecting with any of your listeners who are passionate about these or any other topics related to learning and development.

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