Quiz & Question Bank Fixes Among Top Priorities For Upcoming Moodle™ 4.1 Update

As reviews for Moodle™ 4.0 continue to stream and real-life testing begins moving from early adopters to actual students, development teams are starting to identify priorities to address for Moodle™ 4.1, the following major release. Depending on the urgency and magnitude of the updates required, bug fixes may come on a minor release within two […]

10 Corporate Training Software for Employee Training

10 Best Corporate Training Software for Employee Training

Your corporate training software choice can make a world of difference in employee engagement, retention, efficiency, and productivity. As such, it can also lead to more profitability. To help you make an excellent choice for your business, we’ve compiled a list of the 10 best corporate LMS solutions. Let’s dig in. ProProfs Corporate LMS ProProfs […]

LMS — Let Me See These Plugins! October Moodle™ LMS Plugin Roundup

Plugins October

The following plugins are compatible at least with Moodle 3.10. Level up! by Fred Massart Add gamification to your Moodle™ site! Create a different and fun learning experience with course levels. With this plugin the teacher can automatically assign points to the students so they can level up.  Snap Theme Snap is a Moodle™ theme that […]

Which One To Choose? Why Not All! New Moodle™ Plugins Of September

Which One To Choose? Why Not All! New Moodle Plugins Of September

With so many Moodle™ plugins available, it often gets to a point where searching for what you need is overwhelming. Over the years, we have compiled the add-ons that are most popular, functional and easy to implement. This is another compilation of well-rated plugins by the Moodle™ community, updated and compatible with Moodle™ 3.10. Session […]

Six Best Course Completion Reporting Plugins for Moodle LMS

Running an e-Learning website on Moodle is not easy. The users of e-Learning sites spend a lot more time on-site than the users of any other kind of website because they’re trying to learn something new.  And if they don’t get an optimum Moodle experience during their learning time on site, it’s obvious that they […]

Mathe-Mastery: How To Teach Math Virtually, The ‘Shanghai’ Way

Léelo en Español. As we learned last week, British school administrators will start implementing textbooks from Real Shanghai Mathematics, in which seems to be the first account of department-level math teaching methods commerce in recorded history. The key learning value offered by Real Shanghai receives the name of “mastery method.” It works by making sure the […]

9 Moodle Plugins To Spur A More Quantified Teaching Practice In 2018

Not all of education’s most pressing questions have answers in the form of tidy sets of numbers that are easy to graph and scrutinize. This could be part of the reason analytics could actually kick off a “qualitative renaissance” of sorts within Moodle. But, as long as we don’t give them more importance than they justly […]