Six Best Course Completion Reporting Plugins for Moodle LMS

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Running an e-Learning website on Moodle is not easy. The users of e-Learning sites spend a lot more time on-site than the users of any other kind of website because they’re trying to learn something new. 

And if they don’t get an optimum Moodle experience during their learning time on site, it’s obvious that they would want to learn from somewhere else.

So, you need to keep track of various metrics to ensure that your learners are having a good experience. 

One such metric is course completion rate. Let’s learn more about it.

What is course completion rate (and how to find it)?

As you can guess from its name, the term refers to the percentage of users who enrolled into your courses and completed them. 

A high course completion rate means that learners are enjoying your courses and completing them, while a low rate means that your courses are being left by the learners mid-way after enrollment. 

Simply put, it’s an indicator of whether your course material needs improvement or not. 

This number, along with a lot of other course completion related data, is provided in course completion reports. There are a number of plugins available in Moodle that generate these reports.

Moodle itself also comes with completion tracking functionality, but that functionality provides the bare minimum details regarding the completion of your courses. 

In order to make a detailed assessment of how your courses are doing and how they can be improved you need better plugins for the purpose. Let’s take a look at some of them!

6 best course completion reporting plugins for Moodle LMS

In this article, we’re going to introduce you to 6 awesome course completion reporting plugins for your Moodle. Let’s get started:

#1. Course Completion Overview

As the name suggests, this is an extension developed specifically for the purpose of generating Course Completion Reports. It doesn’t include any added functionality, which makes it a lightweight addition to your site. 

Key Features

  • Information presented in a simple tabular format so you can easily see the course enrollments, completions as well as non-completions
  • Provides information regarding when someone started a module and when they ended it.
  • Simple and easy to use – you can download it from Moodle’s official plugin directory, install it and start using it immediately as there’s not a lot to learn.



#2. Edwiser Reports

Edwiser Reports plugin is arguably the most customizable and versatile course completion reporting plugin that you can get for your Moodle. It allows you to create a dashboard with 10+ customizable modules that can display the information of your choice. 

Key features

  • Track everything from active users to enrollments to course completion rate to inactive users
  • Also tracks the course progress of individual students in various courses
  • Allows you to auto-schedule reports and directly access them in your inbox without logging in 
  • Export course completion data easily for analysis using external tools



#3. Zoola by Lambda Analytics

Like Edwiser Reports, Zoola Analytics Reporting plugin for Moodle is a 360-degree reporting plugin that can generate various reports about your courses based on pre-defined templates. 

Key Features

  • Generate a wide range of course completion reports, progress reports, enrollment reports, and even feedback reports based on different criteria. 
  • Generate custom reports as per your requirements. However, unlike Edwiser Reports it’s not free
  • Automated reports that can be embedded anywhere in your LMS
  • Design custom reports as per your requirements with drag and drop functionality

Zoola Analytics, however, is not a free plugin like two other options mentioned above. It’s a premium plugin.


Revealed on demand

#4. LearnerScript

Img src-

LearnerScript is another popular Moodle reporting tool that comes with the ability of creating Course Completion Reports. The reports can be accessed by you as well as individual learners to see the courses they’ve completed, and also their progress in various courses.

Key Features

  • Dig deeper into every part of your course with assignment completion reports and competency completion reports
  • Reports accessible to admins as well as students
  • Clean and professional layout
  • Drag-and-drop functionality to design reports easily.
  • This plugin, however, comes with a hefty price tag.


Starting at $2,450 

#5. Intelliboard

Img src- 

Intelliboard is not a Moodle-specific reporting dashboard. It works with multiple LMS platforms, and like LearnerScript its reports can be used by both admins as well as learners. 

Key Features

  • Course stats summary
  • Multiple types of unique, information-rich course completion reports like reports on overdue users (those who are taking too long to finish the courses), learner demographics, user activity summary, etc.
  • Also generates reports related to user status with details about the progress of individual learners
  • Can generate assignment completion reports too if you need them. 


Revealed on demand

#6. Lingel Learning

Img src:

The Lingel Learning platform is not a Moodle reporting platform per se, as they’re a provider of Moodle hosting service. However, they also offer a Moodle reporting tool that provides comprehensive reports about everything related to your courses regardless of whether you’ve hosted your Moodle site with them or not. And that includes Course Completion reports as well. 

Key Features

  • Reports also include information about the number of attempts someone took before completing the course, and when was the last time a user accessed the course
  • Only reporting platform from a Moodle hosting service company, which means better support
  • Powerful filters to sort your data in the reports.


Revealed on demand


And there you have it! 

The six course completion reporting plugins can provide you with complete information and data regarding the completion status of all your courses. Once you have that data, you can figure out what’s missing in your courses and work towards improving them for your learners. 

As you can see, the list includes both free as well as premium solutions for the purpose. This means that you can choose yours without having to worry about the aspect of price. 

There’s something for all budgets,needs and experience levels! 

Also, if you are looking for a holistic dashboard-based plugin, we’d suggest that you check out Edwiser Reports. It provides great course completion reports that you may need and a lot more insights, absolutely FREE.

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