Atto Styles plugin: Atto has now got 22 plugins

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Another new plugin has been released for Moodle’s Atto text editor named “Styles” which lets the administrator provide custom CSS classes which can afterwards be applied by users to block and inline text in Atto text editor.
According to the readme file:

The purpose of this Atto plugin is to let users apply custom CSS classes to block and inline text.
After installing atto_styles in Moodle, you will have to do three configuration steps to take advantage of this plugin:
### 1. Configure CSS classes
The CSS class definitions which are applied to text within Atto can’t be made within this plugin. You will have to add your CSS class definitions to your theme (See for details) or Moodle additional HTML settings (See for details).
### 2. Configure styles widget
atto_styles will have to know which CSS classes you want to provide in the Atto styles widget and how they should be called in the widget.
Please visit Administration -> Site administration -> Plugins -> Text editors -> Atto HTML editor -> Styles settings.
There, simply follow the instructions and configure the widget according to your needs.
### 3. Add styles widget to Atto toolbar
atto_styles has to be added to the Atto toolbar before it can be used by users.
Please visit Administration -> Site administration -> Plugins -> Text editors -> Atto HTML editor -> Atto toolbar settings.
There, please add the “styles” keyword to one of the lines in the “editor_atto | toolbar” setting according to your needs.
If you are using a default Atto toolbar, we propose to change “style1 = title, bold, italic” to “style1 = title, styles, bold, italic”

You can download the Atto styles plugin from this link:
Including the Atto Styles plugin, now the Atto text editor has got a total of 22 plugins making it a very feature rich text editor. You can download all the plugins for Atto text editor from this link:

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