Auto assign parents role based on custom profile field using Autoenrol Parents plugin

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Another plugin updated recently on Moodle plugins database is Autoenrol Parents which allows you to automatically assign parents, mentors or managers role to users based on a custom profile fields.
Autoenrol parents plugins will be very handy for Moodle administrators who have to manually assign roles to the parents on their site. Based on a piece of information in a custom profile field in the learners profile, their parents, mentors or managers can easily be assigned automatically. There is a basic configuration screen that let’s you select the role to assign, and which information you want to compare against.
Autoenrol Parents plugin authentication flowchart
You can download the latest version of the Autoenrol parents plugin from the Moodle plugins database through this link –
The plugin is maintainted by Virgil Ashruf and is currently available for all Moodle versions starting Moodle 2.5 onwards.
Please note that this plugin is still a Work in Progress. Currently it is able to automatically assign a role to a user but not unassign this role.
Have you ever used this plugin on your Moodle site? How you are assigning roles to parents on your Moodle site? Do share with us in the comments below.

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