With ‘Interactive Book’ Type, H5P Continues To Delight Open Source Educators

H5P Interactive Book
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The “Interactive Book” activity type allows you to create a large H5P activity made of any other activity, arranged by pages or chapters. It is undoubtedly the boldest of H5P interactive types to date.

Try it on full screen!

The Book comes with a handy new collapsible left-side menu reminiscent of certain elearning platforms, particularly those made for video-intensive courses or MOOCs. A full-screen option button offers a welcome “focus mode” experience.

You can organize the book by pages, which will appear as sections on the menu. Any activity on each page will appear as items which you can rename, and collapse under the section they belong to. Each page seems to allow for any number of activities, including H5P’s most popular types: Presentation, Video or Quiz.

Adding any type to a page is straightforward, allowing you to create activities from scratch, or reuse existing ones hosted on your site or LMS. On a limited test, we did not find any performance issues from books with large amounts of activities per section.

Performing assessments is not only intuitive, but elegant. Students will see a filled out circle next to each section and gradable activity they have attempted. Grading rules can be set independently, and at the end of the book a grading summary broken down by section will appear.

The Interactive Book definitely limits the reliance of H5P on a supporting platform or Learning Management System, and it could be seen as a hint for Joubel, the Norwegian company leading its development, of more sweeping ambitions. A possibility that, while likely, has no evidence of materializing any time soon, among other things given H5P’s current focus on the OER Hub.

Facing some minor delays, H5P’s OER Hub aims to be a place to host and access H5P activities build by educators, instructional designers or any other creator. It is designed to be a part of the H5P editor, which means once it’s complete it will be available from the existing Moodle, WordPress and Drupal plugin. Despite the delays, H5P has announced that, as of now, all members of the core development team are involved with the OER Hub.

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