Meet The Moodle Plugins That Will Help You Comply With GDPR

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Moodle, with Founder and CEO Martin Dougiamas at the helm, has been on top of the developments in personal data and privacy and their regulation across Europe. For next May, when the first stage of enforcement of the General Data Protection Regulation sets in, Moodle will already have a year of discussions and tools under its belt.

Last week, Moodle HQ released two plugins that will help organizations and IT admins comply with key sections of GDPR:

Data privacy (tool_dataprivacy) adds a “request workflow” to the Moodle site to ensure users can enforce their rights to request what personal data is hosted by the site and how it has been used in the past. The current version of the plugin retrieves information from selected Moodle activities including Choice, HTML Block, and User Tours.

Policies (tool_policy) helps administrators create policies around everything from the site, privacy, intellectual property, and late assignments. In compliance with the regulation, it keeps a history of policy changes as well as user consent given to each one. It forces users to accept the policies prior to using the Moodle site.

The Moodle GDPR plugins need Moodle 3.4.2 or 3.3.5 to work and will come bundled in Moodle 3.5, scheduled for May along GDPR. On the plugin forum, Moodle HQ’s David Mudrák asserted:

“These GDPR improvements are not security fixes. So no, I don’t expect these plugins to be ever available for 3.1 and 3.2.”

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