Moodle Gamification – Now enable trading of stash items in your course with Stash block #Moodle

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Gamification in online elearning courses can help motivate students and increase the course participation. Gamification is all about stories. You need to gamify your Moodle course by creating section for onboarding, progress mechanics, storytelling and finally rewarding the students.
There are many ways to incorporate gamification in your Moodle course. Moodle developers have also developed many useful plugins to gamify your Moodle course. Stash block is one such Moodle plugin which can encourage more interaction with activities in a Moodle course.

Allow trading of stash items in your course:

Recently, the stash block was updated with another new innovative feature. The new feature allows you to add the trading of stash items in your course. You can allow your students to exchange one type of stash items with another stash item.
You can download the latest version of the Stash block for Moodle through this link. The plugin is compatible for all Moodle versions from 2.9 version onwards.
Once you install the new version of the Stash block along with Stash filter plugin, You need to add the block to the course. Then Go to the setup page of stash block where you will see a new trade item tab along with stash items and reports. Right on this page, you can define the trade widgets.  (Please note that for my local Moodle it was not working without installing the Stash filter plugin).
On the trading widget page, you can add the gain items on left side and loss item on the right side as shown in the screenshot below:
Moodle™ Gamification - Now enable trading of stash items in your course #Moodle™
Once you save the changes, you will see the trading widgets available. Just click on any widget title and copy the snippet code. Just go to any area in your course with editor and paste it there.
Moodle™ Gamification - Now enable trading of stash items in your course #Moodle™
These trading widget will encourage the students to collect more stash items and exchange them if they are short of any specific stash items.
The Stash plugin set includes another useful plugin Stash availability, which allows you to allow items from the stash to determine the availability of course activities.
Stash plugin set is developed by Frédéric Massart & Adrian Greeve. Fred is also contributed with Level Up! plugin which is also another plugin to help you gamify Moodle course.
Have you used the Stash plugin? What are the other gamification tools for Moodle? Do share with us in the comments section below.

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