The ‘eGuru’ Of Free Moodle Themes Brings Color, Responsiveness, And Multilingualism

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eGuru”, developed by LMSACE, is a “stunning” Moodle theme ideal for brands where an outstanding color is a critical part of the communication and brand strategy. With “eGuru”, the single-color take permeates every nook of the Moodle site, from top-level headers and main menus to smaller icons and vignettes, which frame activities and course content. The result is a radical vision of a Moodle site and home page that respects the LMS features and functionalities, to the point of helping them “reflow” on mobile screens thanks to its sharp responsiveness to different screens.

Of course, other colors can be added across the board, and elements can be customized to include special block or even ad spots. The theme is also built for compatibility with many languages and extended character encoding, making it ideal for organizations operating across several localities, as can be the case across the Middle East and Asia. LMSACE is an Indian company based in Tamilnadu.

“eGuru” is a free contribution by LMSACE to the Moodleverse, but it is thought of as a gateway to their premium themes and related LMS solutions, including customer support. Visit the theme’s page on the Moodle Plugin Directory to find support through email and report issues.

The latest release of “eGuru” brings compatibility to Moodle 3.4. Install or download “eGuru” from the official Moodle Directory.

Explore a demo of a Moodle site running the “eGuru” theme.■

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