The Latest And Greatest: New Features In Open LMS EDU 3.11

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Open LMS EDU is one of the two version of Moodle™ developed and maintained by Open LMS. It is designed for schools, universities and other educational institutions, that enables administrators to create fully customized learning environments that are still easy to maintain and support. Open LMS EDU offers a consistent user experience due to its ease of use. The administrator or course creator has access to a real-time dashboard of the students’ learning progress through visual tools and reports. Other tools and features are incorporated to speed up processes and common Moodle™ tasks, and quickly reach support when needed.

Last December 30, the Open LMS EDU 3.11 version based on Moodle™ 3 generation was released. Here are the highlights of this version:

  • Student activity completion: With this version the student experience has been improved. Learners can view activity dates and assignment completion conditions directly on the course page.
  • Accessibility tools: A new kit of accessibility tools from Brickfield Education Labs is available. The toolkit allows teachers to identify accessibility issues in courses.
  • Improved H5P content, content: Administrators can disable selected content types and can see what content is listed. They can also  receive a notification whenever a content item is about to be deleted.
  • Quiz improvements: Students can see passing grades on the quiz page, teachers can change the settings for question types and keep them for future quizzes and they will also be able to set a minimum and maximum word count for essays. 
  • PDF to PNG converter
  • Redesign of the My Account plugin in order to improve accessibility and achieve WCAG 2.1 AA compliance, as well as to to optimize usability.
  • Personalized Learning Designer (PLD): Actions that are “Show alert” or “Send email” can be performed only once for each course participant, provided that the events are met and the rule conditions are fulfilled.

SNAP Theme: Improvements have been made to UI, UX and AX. SNAP is a theme designed to encourage student engagement and make Moodle™ easier for students to use.

  • Remove activities from deadlines: The label of the deadlines that appear in SNAP was removed. This was done in order to be consistent with the functionality of the course.
  • Edit buttons: The margins of the SNAP icons have been changed so that students and administrators can see the icons aligned.
  • Basic custom control labels: Some pages now have custom labels. These controls adapt to the site color of the course.
  • Accessibility toolkit: Previously this toolkit didn’t look good in SNAP, that’s why in this version the way it is presented has been modified in order to meet the functionality and be in line with SNAP guidelines.
  • Font family coherence: Before in SNAP, two fonts were available to represent the text. In this version, only one, Roboto, was left in order to make the appearance of the site consistent and modern. 

Go1 Plugin

Speaking of new releases, on October 2021, the new Open LMS integration with Go1 Content Hub was made public. This integration gives customers access to one of the largest e-learning libraries. Go1 allows organizations to save time and money while seeing an improved learning culture. 

If you are an Open LMS customer you will be able to access:

  • Complimentary course package: package of five courses pre-selected by GO1 and access for one year. 
  • Complimentary course curation: the client has the option to choose five additional courses with help of Go1.
  • Premium subscription: If the client wants this subscription, the customer can access all available courses from the Content Hub. 

This new integration is available for Open LMS EDU and WORK.

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