Why Humanitarians Care About Total Cost of Ownership, with Dean Saunders

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Hello everyone! My name is Ladek and my guest for today is Dean Saunders, the Vice President for Product Development here at Open LMS. 

In this total ‘costly-but-worth-it’ conversation Dean and I talk about

0:00 › Start

01:01 › Does Dean see a disservice in corporate education, in the way we make up a division between traditional training and workforce development?

07:30 › Breaking News 🇺🇦 Smart Osvita & Open LMS partnering to help displaced students continue their education online for free

13:20 › Total Cost of Ownership of a Learning Management System—and what you need to consider in both the education and corporate sectors when selecting a system and provider: Things like workforce planning, content development strategy, and more

17:00 › Diving deep into ROI—How a school or company can go practically about measuring return for both their learning platform and their strategy

22:00 › Regulatory thrills—What’s happening in the corporate sector that’s exciting for the near term, regulatory and technology-innovation wise. We even talk about how NFTs can be leveraged in education

27:00 › Surprising Post-COVID gaps that have come to light in learning from the corporate sector. How the focus on personal life long learning, growth and development is completely changing what a “career” means

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