Check Out Oliver Tacke’s Expert H5P Playground

Check Out Oliver Tacke's Expert H5P Playground

4-27 update: The types Sort the paragraph, KewAR code and AR Scavenger are already available in the H5P Hub, which means you can find it along with all the other types. Oliver’s other ‘attractions’ are under review and will likely become available soon on the Hub. In this article you will find an exhibition of […]

10 Amazing Moodle™ Tricks And Tips By David Foord

 On this article: Welcome message Rating scale Moodle™ calendar Program spaces Filter codes Database Course images Quiz templates H5P Course completion  In this article you will find 10 amazing tips and tricks that expert Moodle™ consultant David Foord says are functional, easy to incorporate into your LMS and do the job of making the course […]

eLearning Dispatches From Ukraine

Igor Sikorsky Kyiv Polytechnic Institute

Since February 24, the world has watched the war Russia wages against Ukraine, mostly with impotence. Among the millions affected there are certainly educators and students, learners and learning professionals who were already dealing with a system in disarray. Then the shelling started to rain down. On March 11, Minister of Education and Science, Serhii […]

5 Actividades De Aprendizaje Socioemocional Intensas Para Probar En Tu Aula

El aprendizaje socioemocional es una parte esencial del proceso educativo, por lo que los profesores deben prestarle mayor atención. Sin embargo, hacerlo se vuelve más difícil cuando se enseña en un entorno virtual De hecho, los profesores y otros educadores tienen que asegurarse de que están utilizando las técnicas adecuadas de aprendizaje socioemocional durante el […]

3 Meta-Analysis To Rethink Your Interactions With Your Learners Or Customers

meta analysis

Keeping your students or your community active and engaged can be a difficult task. You don’t know what’s happening on the other side of the screen, or how they are reacting to you. That is why it is important to look for engagement strategies so as not to make the environment monotonous and boring. These […]

How Healthy Is The Sakai Community? Sakai Virtual Conference Highlights

How Healthy Is The Sakai Community? Sakai Virtual Conference Highlights

Last November, Sakai, the most popular open source LMS from the U.S., held its annual conference where participants exchanged knowledge about pedagogy and best practices. The Sakai Conference, held online this time around, highlights the ability to connect with other people from different places and collaborate with them in an intensive way. This year’s schedule […]

The Latest And Greatest: New Features In Open LMS EDU 3.11

The Latest And Greatest: New Features In Open LMS EDU 3.11

Open LMS EDU is one of the two version of Moodle™ developed and maintained by Open LMS. It is designed for schools, universities and other educational institutions, that enables administrators to create fully customized learning environments that are still easy to maintain and support. Open LMS EDU offers a consistent user experience due to its […]

OER Pulse 2021 Recap: The Year In Open Educational Resources

Welcome to the OER — Open Educational Resources Hub recap of 2021, when the “OER Gap” didn’t disappear, but it definitely become a lot tighter. Check out the best OER Resource compilation in store in our Virtual Learning & Online Activities Guide Here0s what made the OER news in 2021: More OER-making grants Thoughts on […]