Best Moodle plugin for Gamification based courses

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Is there a place for Casual Games in Teaching and Learning? Vasilis Daloukas thinks yes. He even has some research behind his belief.

Gamification in terms of online teaching is the art of applying game playing elements in your online courses. Researches show that gamification of your online courses results in less dropout rate and more engagement of participants within the course. Moodle teachers often used many tools to insert gamification in their courses. One the most popular Moodle plugin among all those years is the “Game” plugin.

Game activity plugin for Moodle is actively maintained since last decade and now sits in top 5 most downloaded Moodle activities plugins. Game plugin makes use of questions, quizzes and glossaries to create offer a variety of interactive games. The plugin is maintained all over the years for free of cost and now the plugin maintainer Vasilis Daloukas is seeking the community support to keep up this great moodle plugin in future.
If you are using the Game plugin for your Moodle site, please consider donating any amount to Vasilis through this Paypal link. (It will directly go to Vasilis). When you donate you can ask for new facilities e.g. support for new languages, new games, new statistics, more documentation on some forms or extra support.

Game module can be used to add different games to your Moodle course which takes input from quiz, glossary or questions. It includes following 8 games:

  • hangman
  • crossword
  • cryptex
  • millionaire
  • sudoku
  • Snakes and Ladders
  • The hidden picture
  • Book with questions

The documentation for configuring, setting up new games are mentioned in this page. Apart from that if you faced any errors with Game plugin, Vasilis is kind enough to reply on all the comments posted on the plugin listing page in Moodle directory.

Still not knowing about the Game Plugin? You can download your copy of the Game plugin through this link. The plugin is available for all Moodle versions since Moodle 1.7 era to recently released Moodle 3.3 version.

What are the other gamification tools which are using within your Moodle course? Do you want to help continued development of Game plugin? Donate some money to keep this great plugin alive and best gamification Moodle plugin ever.

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