The Elearning Success Summit 2021: Why A Summit Devoted To ‘Cracking’ The Code On Learner Engagement?

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The Elearning Success Summit 2021: Why A Summit Devoted To 'Cracking' The Code On Learner Engagement?

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We are counting the dates to one of our most exciting times of the year: The Elearning Success Summit. While year round we cover everything inside, out and surrounding elearning, Learning Management Systems and related issues, at the Summit everything coalesces. We take stock of the latest developments in the science and practice, with a special focus on Engagement; and trim the fat. We review our enhanced rolodex for those who left a mark and are most likely to do so. And we bring them together on an event that mixes keynotes, practical workshops, surprising “pop-up” live hangouts, plenty of networking and visibilization opportunities; and the occasional surprise.

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The Summit is also a reflection of our evolution, both personal and as a content marketing boutique, immersed in the singular world of elearning. As satisfied as we are with our first try, we want to make sure that it was more than beginner’s luck. We’ve looked hard at ourselves, surveyed our audience to exhaustion, and sorted out the signal from the noise about the most challenging and urgent issues facing out industry. That’s how Engagement became our focus this time around. It also explains a key difference respect to our ESS 1.0: Rather than cheering the existence of technology, this time we put ourselves —and our speakers— to task and make us draw results and desired change out of tech.

Once again, our virtual event will be 100% to attend, with a paid All Access Pass available to anyone who wishes to keep the sessions, videos and bonuses from Speakers and Presenters. An exclusive, Premium group for purchasers only will also remain active and offer unique deals and networking opportunities for participants throughout the year. (Past purchasers will continue to enjoy the benefits of the Premium group.)

The ESS 2.0 Speaker Roster


  1. John Ainsworth, Data Driven Marketing
  2. Estefanía Amaya, Fundación Bolívar Davivienda
  3. Britt Andreatta, 7th Mind Inc
  4. Nadia Anwar, University of Management and Technology Pakistan
  5. Chris Badgett, LifterLMS
  6. Jennifer Brown Consulting
  7. Dr. Lynn Burks, DeVry University
  8. Gwendoline Calmels, Salesforce
  9. Jeff Campbell, Motrain, Incentli
  10. Lorraine Charles, Na’amal
  11. Dr. Page Chen, Remote Learner
  12. Guy Cihi, Lexxica
  13. Sharon Claffey Kaliouby, Learning Pool
  14. May Cooch, Moodle
  15. Jenna Corraro, Drew University
  16. Ted Curran, Autodesk
  17. Martin Dougiamas, Moodle
  18. Dawn Diperi, Harvard University
  19. Fred Dixon, Blindside Networks
  20. Zachary Eikenberry, Hook Security
  21. Claire Evans, Yo Invento
  22. Ahmad Ewais, Arab American University Palestine
  23. Ian Evenstar, Unincorporated
  24. Kent Fallesen, uQualio
  25. Terry Fannon, Enovation
  26. Kathryn Fortin, Fortech Solutions
  27. Eric Gibbs, Ouriginal
  28. Jonah Goldstein, 360Learning
  29. Giovanni Guatibonza
  30. LV Hanson, Procore Technologies
  31. Ryan Hazen, My Learning Consultants
  32. Gavin Henrick, Brickfield Labs
  33. Miguel Herrera, Enseña Ecuador
  34. Phill Hill, Open LMS
  35. Justin Hunt, Poodll
  36. Aaron Hurst, Imperative
  37. Sharon Kaliouby, Learning Pool
  38. Tasos Koutoumanos, Eummena
  39. Eva Lantsoght, USFQ
  40. Tom Libelt
  41. Eduardo Lina, Elearning World
  42. Demelza Marie, Video Coach
  43. John Mitchell, Arlo
  44. Gaspi Montllonch, Digital Taktik
  45. Michelle Moore, My Learning Consultants
  46. Luis Filipe Moreira, Colégio Casa Mãe
  47. Jad Najjar, Eummena
  48. Leona Nasser
  49. Olayemi Olatunji, Phillips Consulting
  50. Mark Parry, AISNSW
  51. RJ Redden, Black Belt Bolts
  52. Joseph Riquelme, American University
  53. Juan Sáenz, Edu Labs
  54. Eric Saito, StraighterLine
  55. Kim Salinas, Elearning Experts
  56. Dr. Charles “Chuck” Severance, Sakai, University of Michigan
  57. Kasper Spiro, EasyGenerator
  58. Smruti Sudarshan
  59. Claudia Tobar, USFQ’s SHIFT Academy
  60. Kao Vilhellem, Kloud


  1. AISNSW, Association of Independent Schools of New South Wales
  2. American University
  3. Arab American University Palestine
  4. Arlo — Training Management System
  5. Autodesk
  6. Black Belt Bolts
  7. Blindside Networks (Creators of BigBlueButton)
  8. Brickfield Labs
  9. Colégio Casa Mãe
  10. Data Driven Marketing
  11. DeVry University
  12. Digital Taktik
  13. Drew University
  14. EasyGenerator
  15. Edu Labs
  16. Elearning Experts
  17. Enovation
  18. Enseña Ecuador
  19. Eummena
  20. Fortech Solutions
  21. Fundación Bolívar Davivienda
  22. Harvard University
  23. Hook Security
  24. Imperative
  25. Incentli
  26. Kloud
  27. Learning Pool
  28. Lexxica
  29. LifterLMS
  30. Moodle
  31. Motrain
  32. My Learning Consultants
  33. Na’amal
  34. Open LMS
  35. Ouriginal
  36. Poodll
  37. Procore Technologies
  38. Remote Learner (A Learning Pool company)
  39. Sakai
  40. Salesforce
  41. StraighterLine
  42. uQualio
  43. USQF & SHIFT Academy
  44. Unincorporated
  45. University of Management and Technology Pakistan
  46. University of Michigan
  47. Yo Invento
  48. 360Learning
  49. 7th Mind Inc
The Elearning Success Summit 2021: Why A Summit Devoted To 'Cracking' The Code On Learner Engagement?

eLearn Success Series: Get Your Free Ticket Now

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