Embedding a Whole Website into a Moodle Course (securely)

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Here’s a really awesome use of Moodle: embedding a complete website and all of it’s HTML/videos/link structure, etc.  This provides a secure environment, protecting your website creation and also keeps students within your Moodle course.  I use the same process for linking to Articulate presentations (some 200 slides with audio!) just by zipping up the converted file then uploading it to a directory in a Moodle course.

Check out the great video tutorial and examples below.  Note that the video highlights the process in Moodle 2.0 but course files in 1.9 also supports this process. Video [direct link] created by John Patten.

Moodle 2.0 – Creating a Course Secure Pseudo Web Server from John Patten on Vimeo.

8 Responses

  1. This is a nice tip.

    Just a reminder that it is crucial that the web site html files you are zipping up need to have RELATIVE links to each other, to images and so forth, rather than absolute ones to some domain. Otherwise, the links will break or, more confusingly, link to a live version of those files out on the web.

  2. Plus you have a very fast Internet line. Downloading and uploading 60 Megs will take me almost forever on my puny Internet connection.

  3. John, This really excites me. One question … how did you use to get all the files for the website to zip?

  4. Ann, once the site is created its just a matter of highlighting the file directory where the website is located, right clicking (on PC) and “send to…” “compressed (zipped) folder”.

    Unzip it to a folder within Moodle and link to the index or home page and voila!

  5. This video is really useful. It has helped me a lot. Thank you, John. One question I have is how you get the website to open up unside the Moodle frame? With mine, it always opens up in a separate window.

  6. Great tutorial. I have embedded my own website like this but it displays in a rather small window. How do I make the window that the website display in bigger?

  7. Jhon, thanks a lot, this tutorial is fine!

    I did the same thing Greg have done: I’ve embedded my own web site. The frame were that web site is displayed is less tall than I need, and in addition there is an ugly gray line around that frame. Do you know how can I edit that frame (to re-size him and to eliminate the borders)?

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