How to Add a simple To-Do list on user's dashboard in Moodle?

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To-Do list is a great help in getting organized and productive. They can help you in getting more things done, more easily than you would without it. There are many popular To-Do tools available online which can be used to enhance your productivity like MicroSoft To-Do, Remember the Milk, Wunderlist, Todoist etc.
What if you would allow the students to have their own To-Do task list in Moodle? You can add a simple personalized To-Do list on Moodle dashboard page for all users through the My To-Do List block plugin.

Introducing My To-Do list plugin:

The My To-Do list plugin is developed by David Mudrák – Moodle core developer and a proud member of the Moodle HQ crew. The plugin is intended to be used only on the dashboard page and not on internal Moodle pages.
The students can add new items in the list, Mark items as Done or Delete them completely from their To-Do list. You can download the latest version of the My To-Do list block plugin for Moodle from Moodle plugins directory here. The plugin is available for Moodle 3.3 & Moodle 3.4 version.

How to Add a simple To-Do list on user's dashboard in Moodle™?
My To Do list on Moodle™ Dashboard Page

David developed this plugin to demonstrate usage of advanced coding techniques available in recent Moodle versions. Most notable coding techniques are:

What are the other To-Do tools for Moodle? Are you going to give this plugin a try? Do let us know in the comments section below.

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