Moodle for beginners – How to enable self enrollment in your Moodle course

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Do you want your Moodle course to be accessible by large number of students? Once you have prepared your Moodle course, you need to give the access to students.
You can enroll the students in your Moodle course manually one by one but it is a tedious and time taking task especially when you have to enroll multiple users.  If you have a few students to enroll, then you can use Manual enrollment method. Check out this article for manually enrolling the students in your course.
That being said, let’s see how to enable self enrollment in your Moodle Course.

Video Tutorial:

If you don’t like the video or need more instructions, then continue reading.

Self Enrollment in Moodle

In Moodle terminology, Enrollment means to give access to your course. Self enrollment means the way through which students can enroll themselves immediately in your Moodle course.
In case, you want to let students enroll in the course by using a secret key, you can also put it in this enrollment method. The student will login to Moodle, visit your course page, enter the enrollment key and enrolled in the course.

Enable self enrollment in Moodle Course

Here are the detailed steps to enable self enrollment for your Moodle Course:

  • Login as a teacher and Navigate to the course in which you would like to enable the self enrollment method.
  • Check if the self enrollment is enabled for your course. You can do so by navigating to Nav Drawer > Participants > Gear Icon > Enrollment Methods. Make sure that the ‘Eye-Icon’ is open for self enrollment.
  • You can configure the default settings for the Manual Enrollment for your course by clicking the Gear Icon besides the Eye Icon. The configurable options are:
    • Allow Existing enrollment – If this setting is set to ‘NO’,  all users enrolled via this plugin will not be able to get access to the course.
    • Allow new enrollment – You can disable it, if you do not want to allow students to self enroll in the future.
    • Enrollment key – If you would like to enroll only specific users, specify key required for enrollment here.
    • Use group enrollment keys – Enter a group enrollment key here if you wish to automatically add the users to group after enrollment.
    • Default assigned role – You can also specify the role to be assigned to users during enrollment. You can change it manually after enrollment, if required.
    • Enrollment duration – specify enrollment length, this can also be changed manually after user enrollment.
    • Notify before enrollment expires – specifies if teacher or optionally students should be notified before the expiration.
    • Unenrol inactive after- specify time after which a student will be unenrolled if they haven’t accessed the courses.
    • Max enrolled users – adding a number here will specify the maximum number of users who can self-enroll into this course.
    • Send course welcome message – if this box is checked then newly enrolled users will receive a welcome message by default.
  • Once you’re done, just click the save changes button at the bottom of the page.

We hope this article helped you learn how to enable self enrollment in your Moodle Course. You may also want to see how to easily create multi language Moodle courses.
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  1. And how can once use self enrollment key after paying for the course through the system

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