How to easily add button maker in Moodle for helping teachers #Moodletips

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Often as a Moodle teacher you may need to redirect users to any important link to external website or within Moodle itself. You can simply insert the link in any text but what if you would like to highlight it or display it as a button? Teacher’s often face difficulty to beautify their course and today I am going to share a simple tip to easily create buttons in Moodle.
How to easily add button maker in Moodle™ for helping teachers #Moodle™tips
Justin Hunt – the PoodLL guy shared a new plugin which is actually a Generico template/ PoodLL widget. The new plugin “Button Maker” is a simple yet powerful Bootstrap button maker for Moodle. The best point about this template plugin is that it will not apply any  JavaScript or CSS directly making it is simple and reliable. It relies on Bootstrap being available, which is usually the case in all modern Moodle themes.
To use this plugin, you should have Generico filter plugin installed along with the Generico filter Atto editor plugin. Download both of these plugins from here(Generico filter) and here (Atto editor plugin). Once you have both plugins installed you are all set to test out the Button Maker with your Moodle.
You can download the Button Maker plugin through this link. The downloaded file has the Generico preset file in the presets folder. You need to extract the same file and drag it to the small green box on Generico template settings page. The fields on the page should fill out. After you save the page, the template will be available from the Generico icon on the Atto html editor.
When I tried it on my Moodle 3.2 local I was able to create a new button within 2 minutes and that too without any complications of adjusting the CSS or HTML code. I recommend this small Generico template to all those administrators who would like to let teachers use beautiful buttons in their Moodle course without any complicated setup.
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