How to export Moodle lesson activity as PDF files #Moodletips

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“How can I export the Moodle lesson activities as PDF files for offline usage by the students?” Moodle newcomers often ask this question in moodle forums. However, Moodle doesn’t support exporting the course activities as PDF by core. However, there are few plugins which allows you to export the contents of the activity into PDF files like Wiki Export plugin.
Today, we are going to have a look on a new Moodle plugin which allows you to export the Moodle lesson activities to PDF & epub formats. The “Lesson export” plugin is developed by Adam King and supports Moodle 2.7 version onwards. You can download your copy of the plugin here.  The current version released in the Moodle plugins directory allows you to export Moodle lesson activities in PDF format only.
To install the plugin you need to extract the contents of the zip file in the your-moodle-site/local/ directory and complete the installation through Notifications page in Site Administration area. After finishing the installation process, just open any lesson activity in a course and you will see the option of “Export to PDF” in the lesson administration menu.

Plugin Features:

The best feature of the plugin is that you can customize the security settings of the published PDF file like – securing it with a password, printing, annotating etc. Moreover, you can also choose the default font of the published file.
How to export Moodle™ lesson activity as PDF files #Moodle™tips
You can also add your organization’s logo to the front page of the published PDF file and customize the embedded export information like – Publisher name, downloaded on date etc through Language customize page.
Overall, the plugin provides an easy to export option for all the Moodle users who would like to offer their course content as a downloadable resource and it will be especially helpful for the students with limited internet connectivity.
Do you ever need to share your lesson contents as PDF files? How useful this plugin would be from a teacher’s point of view? Share your views with us in the comments section below.
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2 Responses

  1. It’s great to see Moodle Lessons finally able to export to PDF files. SHEilds eLearning developer Adam King did a great job on creating this feature, a project I set Adam to complete as his line manager.
    I’ve requested Adam create a second plugin for Epubs. This means there will be two separate plugins, one to export lessons to pdf and the other to export to Epub. This way both export types will be supported individually.
    Keep an eye on the plugin updates as the second plugin will arrive soon in the moodle local plugin directory.

  2. Hi Steve,
    Many thanks for providing the background about the plugin development. I will keep an eye for the next plugin.

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