Exploiting Moodle For Remote Code Execution? Best Open LMS Videos Of The Month

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Hacking Moodle and gaining Remote Code Execution on its server by Ethical Hackers Club

A user with only teacher permission can take advantage on an old bug. It can make Moodle execute malicious code on the server by creating a calculated question. The answer must be validated by a formula. Upon saving the formula, the user has high-level access to the file directory, from where it can manipulate local files and execute requests remotely. The issue has been identified and fixed.

Moodle Latino 3.6.2 – First Video (Spanish)

Fresh out of the oven and easy enough to follow, no Spanish necessary. The first in the promising planned series shows how to upload Moodle on a remote server. It uses nothing but the server’s cPanel. After uploading the latest Moodle package, all there is left is to unpack. Still hungry? Part two is already out.

Curso Moodle Básico (Portuguese)

Would learning Portuguese be the ultimate Moodle upskilling move? Judging by the comprehensive volume of videos, it could be likely. The latest offering comes from Marcelo Claro and MoodleLivre. He’s already surpassed 200 thousand views total. Don’t miss Claro’s exhaustive playlists, and check out the full course. It will set you back little over $100 USD ($450 BRL).

Tutorial Lengkap AIO CBT Moodle 2019 Ujian Online (Complete Tutorial for AIO CBT Moodle 2019 Online Exam) by Mulyono, Sarjana Pendidikan (Bachelor of Education) (Indonesian)

An undeniable hit, as popular as it is inscrutable for non-Indonesian speakers. Catch a glimpse of actual vocational students in Ajibaran, using the Moodle app in the classroom. Stick for the full playlist which shows you how to install Moodle and ExamView on a VirtualBox.

Instructure (Canvas LMS parent company) and a weird reboot episode of Extreme Makeover: Home Edition

DIRTT Environmental Solutions showcases their quick deployment of a temporary space in Salt Lake City, as the new headquarters were getting ready. It doesn’t really have much to do with anything, but hey, watching 6 hours worth of debris removal footage is not beneath me either.
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