How to improve your moodle performance? Check out these excellent tips #Moodle

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Moodle as a LMS is the best in the world but due to its large code base and modular architecture it may become a resource intensive application for your server until you optimze and fine tune it. As a Moodle server administrator, you may face problems with optimizing the Moodle performance on your server.
All server applications needs to be fine tuned to optimized use of server resources which is the same case with Moodle. It also needs to be fine tuned and optimized to improve the performance.
Moodle can be made to perform very well, at small usage levels or scaling up to many thousands of users. The factors involved in performance are the same as for any PHP based database-driven system.

How to improve your moodle site performance? Check out these excellent tips #Moodle™

Recommendations for optimizing the Moodle performance:

Today, I am going to share some of the best tips and recommendations shared by expert Moodlers around the world over the past few years. To get started with the Moodle performance, you need to check out the official Moodle docs page here.  This is the best way to start tuning your Moodle configuration to optimize the usage. Moodle documentation has the performance recommendations, performance settings and cache settings.
Another good resource for improving the Moodle performance is through the presentation delivered by David Monllaó, Senior Analyst developer at Moodle HQ, during the MoodleMoot Australia 2015.

David shared few tips which all users on your Moodle site can do to improve the overall Moodle performance. As a system administrator you can look into the hardware configuration and cache settings. As a teacher, you can cut the number of course sections, remove recent activity block & resize the images before uploading them. Check out the full presentation to know more in detail.
Here is another article written by Jaswant Tak from Cartel Systems way back in 2013 but still it is pretty relevant in Moodle context. Jaswant mentioned about the Hardware configuration of the servers, PHP, Apache and MySQL performance tuning.
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In another series of 4 articles , Frederic Nevers – (Developer of Moodle Plugin – Multi Embed filter), shared his experience as a Moodle server administrator and shared a step-by-step guide on how to optimize your Linux server for Moodle.
Do you have any other tip to add to all these list? Have you optimized your Moodle server? Do let us know in the comments section below.

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