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content-creation-Sharepoint-Paradiso-LMSParadiso Solutions released its Microsoft SharePoint Moodle integration recently as it continued to develop integrations with third party applications. This latest integration from Paradiso sees the gap between Moodle and SharePoint, Microsoft’s team collaboration tool, grow smaller. SharePoint is one of Microsoft’s fastest growing business and in 2014 was worth $2bn in revenue for Microsoft. SharePoint works hand in hand with Office 365, making it familiar and easy to use for the vast majority of the population, and carries out functions such as content and document management, corporate social networking and workflow management. If your organization is already running this program, then a SharePoint Moodle integration could be an option that is worth your time exploring.

The press release from Paradiso regarding this integration is below:

Press release: Paradiso Solutions releases SharePoint Moodle integration

Paradiso Solutions’ innovative integration with one of the corporate world’s most popular collaboration tools allows users to collaborate on and share documents and content through Microsoft’s SharePoint. Companies now realize that not only is social and collaborative interaction a positive force in the workplace, but it can also increase engagement and knowledge retention. Recent releases of SharePoint have included a much stronger social element as collaboration has taken on an even more important role in both the workplace and training, and with SharePoint Moodle integration this social aspect is expanded. Training is available via a tab on the SharePoint dashboard, and content created in SharePoint can be easily and quickly sent to Moodle to be converted to SCORM-compliant material.

Some core features of SharePoint Moodle integration are:

  • Single Sign On (SSO): Log into one of the platforms using one set of credentials and get access to the other without the need to enter more login details.
  • Performance Tracking and Management: Instructors can track progress and measure achievements to gradually build a robust picture of the elearner, giving talent managers the information they need to set learning paths.
  • Learning Paths: Set customized learning paths for individuals or groups. This way elearners only partake in relevant training and receive direction.
  • Reporting: Using the Moodle reporting tool instructors and talent managers can extract vital information regarding elearners, training and its overall effectiveness.
  • SCORM Compliance: Content produced in SharePoint can be sent to Moodle to be converted to SCORM to be then used as shareable, sellable elearning content.
  • Dynamic eLearning Content: Collaborate on SharePoint and learn on Moodle. The SharePoint Moodle integration lets you do both together, injecting dynamic features into your courses with certifications, gamification and blended learning.
  • eCommerce Integration: Integration with applications such as WooCommerce and Shopify allow for revenue generation through the sale of courses and content online.

Sach Chaudhari, CEO of Paradiso Solutions, says:

“Microsoft SharePoint is showing huge growth and revenue for Microsoft, and offers users the chance to collaborate and socialize, no matter where they are based in the world. With the SharePoint Moodle integration that we have developed we wanted to bring collaboration, social learning and training together under one roof, that roof being Microsoft SharePoint. This way both the learning and collaboration processes are streamlined and we feel confident that the experience of teamwork and mutual aid can improve the learning process and boost productivity, engagement and knowledge retention.”


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Do you use Sharepoint with your Moodle? Tell us about your experience in the comments below!

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