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Project CATAPULT CMI5, A Gateway to API Interoperability Pulse
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Welcome to the Interoperability Hub: SCORM’s last lets, xAPI’s (very) slow march towards widespread adoption, and related issues in the building of a vision of an open interoperability system. Funded by the DoD.

The Experience API (xAPI) aims to unify the way all the several, interconnected learning apps store and exchange information… For many years now. Always a promising ideal, xAPI continues to struggle in its path towards adoption.

With Project CATAPULT, the DoD’s Advanced Distributed Learning initiative to promote awareness and understanding of CMI5, a standard that for Bill McDonald and Brian Miller —ADL’s cmi5 Working Group Leader and Project CATAPULT leader, respectively— sits in the middle of xAPI and SCORM. CMI5 can be seen as a subset of xAPI statements with the easy web deliverability capabilities of SCORM. McDonald and Miller introduced Project CATAPULT —standing for cmi5 Advanced Testing Application and Player Underpinning Learning Technologies— in a recent webinar.

The goal of Project CATAPULT is to bridge the gap between SCORM and xApi, as cmi5 can play a key role in modernization and learning ecosystems.

In order to achieve the goal, Project CATAPULT contemplates actions such as modernization of digital learning and training. This project will also enable the transition from SCORM-based courses to a distributed learning system, which in turn will benefit government and educational institution employees.

The CATAPULT project is currently under development and in the prototype construction phase. It is estimated that the project will be completed by the end of September of this year.

Watch the full webinar below:

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