The 4 Most Annoying Bugs Still Open In Moodle

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This list includes issues reported on the Moodle Tracker that remain open with the highest number of “Watchers,” or Tracker members, interested in a resolution. Many of the threads in the issues below reveal surprisingly common complaints that remain unanswered, sometimes for years. Short of a response from the Moodle HQ team, these issues could represent a hidden opportunity.

If these or other critical issues still open affect you, express your interest in its resolution by “Watching” or voting it.

The names of the issues have been given by those who first reported them.


MDL-57560 File upload progress bar not visible in boost (17 Watchers)

Not the most fatal issue, but still a noticeable bump in an otherwise smooth user experience. Considering the increasing number of themes developed as “children” of the “Boost” theme, it might convince users to stay away from it.


MDL-35484: Backup schema step too slow (14 watchers)

Admins who have to handle large Moodle backups regularly might dread that time of the semester when copies are in order. Looking into the many issues still present in the process of saving entire sites, courses, or even single activities reveals not only a tight path full of shortcomings at every turn, but also a surprisingly large number of “extreme Moodle” setups. In fact, the backup schema issue was first identified by an admin of a site where having 500 activities in one course was nothing out of the ordinary.


MDL-55631: New grading screen does not completely load (11 Watchers)

A rather critical issue prevents teachers from Moodle 3.1 installations to access the assignment grading interface. Initially, blame fell on the Turnitin plagiarism plugin, until other users reported similar issues in sites without it. As of right now, it is known that some outdated plugins may be the culprit, but the issue itself remains without updates since June even though it has a “Major” priority.


MDL-48166: Major performance issue when editing course categories or courses (10 Watchers)

In another episode of “Extreme Moodling,” users in both 2.6 and 3.3 installations report an exponential increase in the time it takes to update a category grouping lots of courses (3,200 in the Moodle 2.6 site to be exact) or thousands of course categories. It is known that the issue is related to the cache, which is akin to a system’s “working memory.” While purging the cache is the way to go to sort most of these issues, it might be too radical a solution compared to a better architecture for the way cache is built.

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  1. Yay. A Bug I reported made the list… not sure how I should feel about it. One concrete thing that could be done to help would be to add more debugging code so when people encounter the bug they can get a useful error message.

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