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From a consumer perspective, two concurrent races are taking place in the internet’s service economy. The first race concerns security – from encryption to authentication, to preventive measures against threats and fraud attempts. The second race can be characterized as “seamlessness,” and refers to a individual’s ability to easily navigate and transact online without fear. The ultimate winner of these races must ultimately excel at both.
Since 2012, Credly has tried to make strides in both races. The push for digital validation of learning and acquired skills purports to help students and professionals by providing better tools that allow them to demonstrate experience and ability. Focused on authentication of learning, Credly is gaining ground as a standard for digital badges and credentials. A year ago, it secured USD 2.5 MM in seed funding.
Last month, Credly released an update to the Credly plugin, extending compatibility up to Moodle 3.2.
The plugin allows integration between a Moodle site and the Credly Open Credit API. It claims to be “the only digital badge API you’ll ever need or want to use“. It is compatible with Mozilla Open Badges and the Open Buying on the Internet (OBI) specification, which focuses on transactions business-to-business (B2B).
In Moodle courses, teachers can create Credly badges with the Credly plugin, which they can award with complete autonomy. The issued badges then are hosted on the Credly site, at Students can then link to those on their CVs or portfolios.
Credly offers a free tier for hosting badges, but institutions must pay if they want a “Verified Issuer Status” in the free or premium levels.

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