How to create multiple choice questions in Moodle easily? #Moodletips

Moodle is often used as an online assessment tool. It is having the world’s most flexible and customizable quiz engine. You can create questions in any format with any scoring/feedback options to meet any specific industry requirements. To use Moodle as an online assessment tool, you need to create the questions. Creating questions in Moodle […]

PowerPoint For Life? How To Do The Most Of Your PPTs, Or Free Your LMS From Them Once and For All (With Pictures)

Microsoft PowerPoint is the most popular tool for creating and delivering presentations. PowerPoint files are mainly used for sharing information and reports in online classes. The alternative software’s for Microsoft PowerPoint includes LibreOffice’s Impress and Apple’s Keynote. But how do you upload PowerPoint presentations in your Moodle course? Earlier, I have shared a presentation on […]

How to add Multiple True False question in a single Moodle question? #Moodleplugins

Moodle as the name suggests is modular in nature and that is the main reason behind its popularity. You can develop a new Moodle Plugin to add a new functionality in Moodle. At present, Moodle plugins directory has more than 1440+ plugins contributed by more than 800 developers. The moodle plugins directory has different plugins […]

How to Add a simple To-Do list on user's dashboard in Moodle?

To-Do list is a great help in getting organized and productive. They can help you in getting more things done, more easily than you would without it. There are many popular To-Do tools available online which can be used to enhance your productivity like MicroSoft To-Do, Remember the Milk, Wunderlist, Todoist etc. What if you […]

Moodle for beginners – How to enable self enrollment in your Moodle course

Do you want your Moodle course to be accessible by large number of students? Once you have prepared your Moodle course, you need to give the access to students. You can enroll the students in your Moodle course manually one by one but it is a tedious and time taking task especially when you have […]

Moodle for beginners – How to manually enroll students in your Moodle course

New Moodle teachers often need to enroll students to their Moodle course manually. Once you setup your first Moodle course, it is the time to enroll students in your course. Usually the students are enrolled in your Moodle course by your site admin, but sometimes you need to enroll the students manually. In this article, […]

How to add stack overflow like forum discussions in Moodle?

Stack Overflow is one of the largest most trusted online community for developers. It features questions and answers on a range of topics in computer programming. Have you ever thought of adding similar forum threads in Moodle? Today, I am going to show you how to add stack overflow type forums in Moodle. Moodle plugins […]

Top 9 Moodle plugins to restrict access to your Course resources and activities

Moodle is the best open source learning management system catering the training and education needs of different sectors. It is serving more than 120 Mn users around the globe on daily basis. In order to meet the requirements of different sectors, Moodle community contributes to Moodle project through Moodle plugins. Being modular in nature makes […]

Take your Mobile Learning to new level with Moodle Mobile app 3.4 #Moodle

Are you ready to take your mobile learning to a new level? Moodle Mobile development team has released the brand new version of the official Moodle mobile app. The new version is based on the recently released Moodle 3.4. New version of the mobile app is now available for Android devices and it will be […]