PowerPoint For Life? How To Do The Most Of Your PPTs, Or Free Your LMS From Them Once and For All (With Pictures)

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Microsoft PowerPoint is the most popular tool for creating and delivering presentations. PowerPoint files are mainly used for sharing information and reports in online classes. The alternative software’s for Microsoft PowerPoint includes LibreOffice’s Impress and Apple’s Keynote. But how do you upload PowerPoint presentations in your Moodle course?
Earlier, I have shared a presentation on embedding the PowerPoint files in Moodle which can be accessed here. In this article, I will show how you can embed the  PowerPoint files in your Moodle course or allow the students to download them.

Uploading PowerPoint files in Moodle – Video Tutorial

If you want to go through a quick overview, then you can watch the video below:

So, you have decided to upload the PowerPoint files in your Moodle course. But let me ask a basic question first –

Do you really need to share the PowerPoint files?

Can you share the same information in any other file format like PDF, MS Word etc so that students can go through it anytime?
Can you create the same information in Moodle Book/ Lesson activity?

Uploading Presentations so that Students can download:

If the answer is yes, then there are 2 ways to share the PowerPoint files. You can either upload them to your Moodle course so that students can download and go through them. But they should have the right software installed in their devices to show the presentations.
To upload a file, you need to Enter the course with editing mode turned on. Then you can simply Drag and drop the file on the course and it will automatically add the file. Otherwise, you can follow the traditional File resource for precise configuration.

Embedding Presentations in course:

The other way around is to upload them to any file sharing site like Google Slides, One Drive or SlideShare and grab the embed code to display it in your Moodle course. You can use that embed course either in a Label/Page resource or anywhere where the Atto text editor is available. For more details about this method, check out this post.
You can also have a look on the Presentation Moodle plugin. This plugin allows you to create responsive presentations right within your Moodle course. There is a bit of learning to learn how to use but it’s worth the efforts. It is based on Reveal.js which is a framework for easily creating beautiful presentations using HTML. So, you should have a bit of HTML knowledge to work with this plugin.
The other interesting plugin is the H5P Moodle plugin. Although it allows multiple content types which can be used with Moodle, however you can make use of the Course Presentation content type to create presentations. It allows to create rich learning experience by embedding links, pictures, audio and video clips, as well as various quiz types in the presentation.
That’s all from my side. Now, its your turn to share your experience.
How you share the PowerPoint files in Moodle? What are the other tips to share PowerPoint files in Moodle? Do share with us in the comments section below.

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  1. We use a very tight upload limit (20MB) and so we recommend instructors either put them on OneDrive and share, I think GoogleDrive would do this as well, or if they are narrated, record them with a program and share them on YouTube if your campus doesn’t have a video streaming service

  2. If you don’t mind my asking: Why is the limit so tight? Is it not compromising engagement and free-flowing of activities?

  3. How do you bulk embed 100s of student created powerpoint files? Now I just create file folders and drag a hundred into one of them.

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