3 Take-Aways from West Coast Moot by @awbodeau #mootusca11

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I had a great time at The West Coast Moodle Moot. It’s over, so now what? My mind is bursting with all the ideas that I heard and people that I met. Here are my 3 take-aways from the moot.

What have I learned that I can use right away?

One day 1 I went to a panel session where Jennifer Klein from the Open School of Utah presented on “Twitter Time in the Classroom: Integrating Social Media into Education”. She embeds a Twitter widget into an HTML block in her Moodle course. Using Twitter she can make announcements, remind student of upcoming dates and assignments, and give shout-outs to students. Her Twitter widget is setup to search for a specific #hashtag so students can even ask questions that she or other students can answer. This is a useful and fun way to communicate with students and relatively easy to setup in Moodle.

What have I learned that I can apply over the next few months?

My second take-away was from the panel session, Integrating Library Resources into Moodle. The three panelists showed various examples of Moodle/Library integration. Some of the examples were using a sticky block to showcase library resources, selecting Bookshelves of resources, creating video tutorials for Moodle help, and designing a Moodle course to teach students how to use Moodle and/or library resources. In the upcoming months, I want to explore how to integrate my district’s library resources into our Moodle courses.

What do I want to reflect and learn more about?

Finally, David Wiley’s keynote, “Openness, Analytics & the LMS” was the highlight of the moot! His keynote was engaging and inspiring. He challenged my thinking on openness and how Moodle can best be used. He promoted the use of Moodle to track behavioral data (When did a student login? How long where they logged in? What resources were viewed? Etc.) This valuable data can be analyzed to show time-on-task and to assist students who need help. Teaches can use the data to inform and modify their instruction and ultimately help students achieve. What a powerful combination!

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