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In this guide:

Key topics in AI in Learning

Please enjoy a coverage of AI in 2023 with some of our most popular articles:

30 Days With ChatGPT: Did It Transform My EdTech Journey?

Our chronicle about our first foray into generative AI. Relive our steps by replicating our “30 Days with ChatGPT Challenge” and let us know of your experience!

Impact of AI: Can it help us address SDG4 (and the others)?

Perhaps a question well worth it before jumping head-first into any new technology:

Is AI a bona fide game-changer in global education? Can AI help us understand what’s getting in the way of progress, create and deliver opportunities for effective learning experiences in all contexts, and meaningfully and substantially contribute to SDG 4 (and all 17 Sustainable Development Goals)? And to what extent is the development roadmap for AI taking into consideration the whole of humanity’s biggest and most urgent problems, in ways that are accessible and reproducible to all?

AI-Driven Personalization Is About to Change the Education Game

Here is where we consider the implications of generative AI to be stronger. We take a deep dive into the possibilities, threats ethical and otherwise; and actual applications showing promise.

AI as your Virtual Tutor: Promises, Perils, Possibilities

The fact that countless people and VC money is going into a vision of human-interaction-not-required education, should not let you believe we’re close to it in any practical terms. Not that it’s a desirable vision for most learners.

A Buyer’s Guide To AI In Education For Our Current Artificial Intelligence Cambrian Explosion

An updated eLearn Mag classic gives you an overview of the “AI value chain” in education and learning.

AI-themed eLearn Podcast episodes you should not miss

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How the AI in Learning virtual summit works

In each session, you’ll be able to catch up with new session bringing you new content, plus access to the previous AI in Learning Vault for 24 hours. Sessions are pre-recorded, hosted live by Principal of eLearning Advocacy at Open LMS, our very own Stephen Ladek. Speakers may join the Discord and answer your questions live.

Buscamos historias en español. There is still time to suggest topics and speakers. Would you like to present? Submit your application now.

NOVEMBER 29 Schedule

Natalie Monbiot

How AI Video And Virtual Twins Are Personalizing And Scaling On-Demand Learning

The Head of Strategy for Hour One has always been at the forefront of bringing new technologies to the end consumer and educational user. In Wednesday’s session, Natalie is plotting the roadmap of AI technologies across classrooms for the coming years.

Ryan Baker with Rachel Liu

Using ChatGPT As A Teacher Assistant

The Director of Penn Center for Learning Analytics at the University of Pennsylvania, alongside researcher and TA Rachel Liu, brings a fascinating taste of what’s coming in AI-infused Higher Education, and whether AI-based interventions will finally start showing up in the data.

Allison Powell

How To Personalize Learning Through AI

The Chief Academic Officer of the Evergreen Education Group wraps up AI in Learning 2023 with a snapshot of the year, based on a survey of K-12 peers. Then, she showcases what in her view are the proven ideas worth putting into practice across classrooms in 2024.

OCTOBER 25 Schedule

Edie Kirkman, “Uplevel Your Understanding Around The World Of AI

The Vice President of Digital at Focus Brands delivers a session for smart people, just ones who aren’t necessarily acquainted with terms like Transformers, Fine-Tuning or Gradient Descent. Just think of the amazing dishes you want to taste, order them as prompts to your AI chef, and get started!

Markus Bernhardt, “Moving From 3-5 Year Planning To 6-Month Experiments

Fellow of the Learning Performance Institute, the Forbes Technology Council and the HBR Advisory Council, Markus brings a practical, strategic and experimental mindset to your upcoming AI approach. Roll up your sleeves and let the practice begin!

Jon Fila, “Purpose and Plan: Transparency In AI Adoption

For all the benefits AI is set to bring to the classroom, and the ethical issues we should be privy to, the Owner of Greueth Productions and Jon Fila Consulting brings to the table a new set of challenges you may not have anticipated, including the Dunning-Kruger Effect with its political ramifications; and a simple-yet-brilliant solution: Incredible transparency.

SEPTEMBER 27 Schedule

Mario Cabral, “How AI can impact the L&D department

This session serial “EdTechPreneur” from Brazil, Co-Founder of ScormHero, LearningStudioAI and Engage —which he currently leads as CEO— merges the best of the Instructional Design and Entrepreneurship worlds, to deliver an empassionate pitch about the size of the opportunity in generative AI for Learning & Development.

Joe Thibault, “Writing’s ‘Show your work’ moment: shifting from detection to proof of effort

With generative AI, are students’ writing skills at risk, or dare we say obsolete? Have essays and writing assignments in general outlived their usefulness? In a very special session by a veteran EdTech professional and seasoned writer —Joe is the creator of the blog that would turned out to become eLearn Magazine—, you’ll find eye-opening historical and technological perspectives and a plea to help your learners find new joys in the honest practice of writing skills, even in the age of ChatGPT.

Kirsten Frailey, “Why a data-centric approach is critical to the future of AI in Education

The Co-Founder and CEO of, a “data quality sounding board,” is here to show you how befriending data is the absolute best approach when making the most of generative AI in learning and education; and staving off pretty much all of their risks. Kirsten shares her advice on creative approaches on identifying patterns and developing solutions, as developed by her team at the University of Chicago.

AUGUST 30 Schedule

Shouvik Paul: “AI tools to streamline training development”

The COO of Copyleaks, a plagiarism and AI writing detection company, shares and update on the state of academic integrity, and a message based on the joint powers of technology and critical thinking.

A multi-national comparative study launched recently identified Copyleaks as a top performer in AI detection, with one of the highest detection efficacy and resilience, and smallest rate of false positives.

Swagata Ashwani: “Customizing GPT models for domain specific NLP tasks: Techniques for fine tuning and adapting

A session for the technically unafraid by the Principal Data Scientist at AI automation platform Boomi, which doubles as an advocacy story about AI put to the service of empowering the careers of Women In Data, a non-profit whose Bay Area chapter Swagata leads.

For Swagata, challenges like navigating completely foreign cultures, raising your voice, strengthening human bonds, and being part of the debate about what new tech should do and look like, are critical challenges all of which we can tackle at an enhanced level, thanks to AI.

Bianca Raby: “AI for Learning Design

The Instructional Designer turned Project Manager, turned CEO of Oppida shares her story, 20+ years in the making, of raising the bar when it comes to online learning solutions from all perspectives.

When AI came into her life, Bianca accurately predicted how fear would be the first threat to drawing understanding and value among educators and eLearning professionals. Today she delivers what she does best: A new set of perspectives on a presentation based on a series of use cases.

Check out Bianca on the eLearn Podcast

JULY 26 Schedule

Tristia Hennessey: “AI tools to streamline training development”
The Lead Instructional Designer at Evolve Solutions Group is a six-time award-winning instructional designer who loves simulations for learning, and is a regular contributor to The Learning Guild.

Germán Rojas: “Personalized education in the age of AI: The education of the future today
The Director of Global Consulting Services at Open LMS brings you a reflection with a global perspective, and the promise of a successful roadmap everyone can walk through.

Lily Chen: “AI and Student Success in Higher Ed
For the Founder & CEO at AI marketing software, Contenda, and Member of Trustees at Colorado College, being part of the AI movement is a duty to help shape a groundbreaking technology in a way that is inclusive and does no harm.

JULY 20-22 Schedule

Day 1: Tools of Today

Michael Vaughn: The Rise of AI and ChatGPT in L&D: Opportunities and Challenges

Open LMS’ Education & Adoption Specialist kicks us off with an overview of the current space, with a popular presentation that’s been enjoyed by thousands of professionals from organizations including Dell, Microsoft, and the LPI community.

Ask Michael all about: Awesome AI tools, premium and open source

Vince Han: Adding Value to AI With Rules-Based Chatbots

Founder and CEO of Mobile Coach gives us the first deep dive into the de facto interface for AI agents. Listen to Vince on the eLearn Podcast.

Ask Vince all about: Designing effective chatbot interfaces

Pascal Rosenberger: Boost Knowledge Retention and Engagement With AI-Powered Microlearning

A good number of sessions are focused on the implications of introducing AI into current standard practice, as well as promising new practice. Which of these do you consider microlearning to be?

Ask Pascal all about: AI tools for quality educational experiences

Lena Dorogenskaya: Transforming a Learning Marketplace Into an AI Upskilling Platform for Companies

The Founder of Unschooler brings a revolutionary marketplace perspective to upskilling by way of AI, demonstrating we can put next-gen tools to work for more radical use cases that focus on learner empowerment, agency, and choice.

Ask Lena all about: AI tools for choice and empowerment

Tom Lee: ‘AI-ducation’ — Focus on Teaching, AI Will Do the Rest

The Co-Founder at LOVO completes the Summit’s first day with an optimistic call for educators around the world, chock-full of ideas to make teaching and the education profession much more efficient, enjoyable, and valuable for all.

Ask Tom all about: Orchestrating AI tools towards a common teaching strategy

Day 2: The Near (and Not So Near) Future

Dr. Britt Andreatta: The Future of Learning — Trends and Tools

A never-before-seen presentation by acclaimed learning executive and speaker, Dr. Britt Andreatta opens our second day with a look at possible AI implications from the learner (and the learner brain) perspective. Listen to Dr. Britt on the eLearn Podcast pilot episode.

Ask Dr. Britt all about: Achieving learning-centered AI, AI, and neuroscience.

Chad Udell: Considerations for Collaborating With an AI for Learning

As Chief Strategy Officer and the inquisitive, relentlessly creative mind behind  SparkLearn , Chad invites us to explore the full range of ramifications of AI into organizations, strategy, and business development from day 1 forward.

Ask Chad all about: Doing business in education with AI, AI in learning innovation, and ideation.

Bodo Hoenen: Three Foundational Technologies for the Future of Learning

By going a couple layers deep, the Co-Founder and U.S. CEO of NOLEJ gives us an easy-to-follow overview of the key technologies behind the current AI Cambrian explosion.

Ask Bodo all about: AI layers, from the ‘bare metal’ to the user interface.

Neil McGough: AI in Assessments — Paving the Way for Positive Disruption

The Chief Product Officer at Learnosity touches on what is likely the most urgent implication of generative AI in education. Is there really a way forward that addresses issues like originality, plagiarism, detection, and prevention? Check out Neil’s talk to find out.

Ask Neil all about: AI-proofing assessments and embracing AI in examinations.

Karie Willyerd: How to Think Like a Futurist

To wrap up day 2, here’s a rare opportunity to hear straight from a senior executive in the L&D space. Currently Chief Customer Strategy Officer for GP Strategies, Karie brings her expert framework on handling the upcoming threats and opportunities brought by technology and macro events.

Ask Karie all about: future of AI and AI as a trend research tool.

Day 3: The Challenges

Joe Pringle: Emerging Themes — Generative AI in Education and EdTech

It should be no surprise that AWS’ Business Lead on AI and Machine Learning is our keynote for the third day. The tech giant is bullish on EdTech, and with a new arsenal of generative AI, Amazon hopes to cement its position further as a provider of ground-breaking solutions to eLearning professionals’ biggest challenges.

Ask Joe all about: AI infrastructures and AI-to-Learning experience pipelines.

Kate Gromova & Edgar Aparicio: Preventing and Mitigating Gender Bias in AI-Based Early Alert Systems in Education

The Co-Founder of Women in Digital Transformation and the Senior Economist at the PIT Policy Lab (respectively) do not shy away from hard questions. And when it comes to AI, none are more prescient than those about bias, representation, and fair access.

Ask Kate and Edgar all about: Bias of AI and managing AI risk.

Kelley Tenny: The Ethical Use of AI in Education

The founder & CEO of consulting shop Teach Your Brilliance shares an informed, yet passionate look at the ethical predicaments and moral hazards we’re already dealing with, that will only grow harder and more poignant.

Ask Kelley all about: Ethical issues and moral dilemmas brought by AI.

Betsy Springer: AI in My Classroom

A teacher and instructional coach at the Gull Lake Virtual Partnership, Betsy brings us a vivid personal account of early adoption and early findings, along with a list of issues she’s faced with AI. It’s as important to you as it is for her that you watch her session and add to the list of problems and solutions.

Ask Betsy all about: Creating your AI case study and co-creating with students and AI.

Dr. Sarah Egan Warren: Beyond the Evangelists and Enemies: Thinking Through AI in Your Classroom

Wrapping up our final day of the first #AIinLearning batch of expert sessions, the Teaching Assistant Professor at NCSU and Researcher at the Institute for Advanced Analytics offers a story with figures and metrics. Are we up to the challenge of measurable progress through AI?

Ask Dr. Sarah all about: AI in Learning Analytics and measuring success with AI.

eLearn’s ‘Proompts’ database

Leading up to AI in Learning, our team leveraged AI for productivity, content operations, graphics and just plain old fun. Here’s a compilation of the prompt’s we’ve used so far on ChatGPT, Bard and Llama, or otherwise noted.

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Get an AI celebrity endorsement

Imagine you are [Tom Cruise] and you were paid millions of dollars under the table to repeat whatever they tell you to say. Provide a statement in praise of [eLearn Magazine’s AI in Learning] and overall [content]

Rhyme the news

For the following article, make a one-sentence summary that rhymes, that means the word at the end of the half and the end of the sentence must rhyme with each other.

Add emoji as relevant bullet for items on a list
For the following list, add an emoji at the beginning of the item to work as a bullet. Do your best to make the emoji relevant to the contents of the item [add list of items]

Extract literal quotes from an article
Select the most salient statistic or fact from the following article and provide a a literal quote from it [add article body]

‘One-liners’ from an article
Generate one sentence summarizing the article below and its most poignant or salient facts in specific detail without compromising brevity and clarity. Only the most common English words and aim for a Grade 5 Reading level. Remember to be fun, interesting, thought-provoking, insightful; Remember and that the indented audience is eLearning and education professionals in various managerial, design and instructional roles, so focus on the implications for them [add article body]

Create an executive assistant based on research papers on Chatbase—Base prompt
I want you to act as an Executive Assistant that I am having a conversation with. Your name is “AI Assistant” and your job is to provide actionable courses of action to High-Level Educational Leaders through imperative statements. Never break character.

AI-Driven personalization—Truisms from an article
Based on the following article, generate a decalogue of ‘truisms’ or one-liners, short bursts of wisdom that are memorable and insightful. Single sentences only should encapsulate wisdom, awe, and existentialism. Examples: “Sad stories can awaken the right purpose”, “I fall in love with personalities and vibes”, “Why don’t you sleep at night” [add article body]

‘JTBDoing’ an article:
Based on the following article, write a list of jobs-to-be-done that can be solved by AI, written in the first person and following the structure “I need to [need], so I will use an AI to [do job].” Each list item should be inspiring, challenging, and impressive [add article body]

Get the most salient fact from an article (literal quote)
Select the most salient statistic or fact from the following article and provide a rigorous reference substantiating it [add article body]

Generate a score of ‘Actionable Urgency’ of news articles and classify them
Classify the following news articles into up to 5 categories. Also add each article a score of “Actionable Urgency” which should be a composite measure of how actionable the piece of news is to a leader in the Education, Learning and EdTech Space; and how quickly or “urgent” any action should be made to maximize positive outcomes

Bonus proompt—Use this after getting the result you wanted from the AI after several attempts, to get it again in one shot (ymmv)
This is an acceptable output. I will need this task from you for other articles. Give me the prompt that you need to generate this output in a single step

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