Innovation 2021: The Open LMS Online Summit Is Coming Soon — And You’re Invited!

Innovation 2021: The Open LMS Online Summit

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Set the date: November 3, 2021.

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With a global perspective on the issues affecting digital learners today, Open LMS is inviting education professionals from around the world to “Innovation 2021,” a virtual event designed to foster inspiration and imaginative problem-solving for today’s education; but above all, help connect diverse, yet like-minded individuals for prosperous relationships that will hopefully lead to collaboration, innovation and impact.

Six threads are designed to cater to a variety of interests across the innovative educator spectrum:

  • Online course creators looking for success in their programs
  • Educational leaders looking to inform their practice and strategy
  • Researchers, data and learning science junkies looking to learn new research and methods
  • Open Source software practitioners and advocates looking to find ways in which FOSS can advance their organizational learning goals
  • Lifelong learners looking to exchange stories and help build the future of eLearning together
  • And people interested to know more about Open LMS and their approach to innovation

In addition, you will get to join an “eLearning Predictions 2022” virtual space. In 2021, eLearning found its way into the main stage. What will be there to show in the near future?

4 sessions covering the different regions where Open LMS is present will be available. Check out the program and speaker roster, and sign up for as many as you want.

Get your ticket to Innovation Summit 2021 now

Disclaimer: LMSPulse is an Open LMS company, and Media Partner for the Innovation Summit 2021.

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