8 Shining Stars From New Orleans’ MoodleMoot US 2017 and BbWorld

8 Shining Stars From New Orleans' MoodleMoot US 2017 and BbWorld | 8 Estrellas del Evento EdTech Del Año: MoodleMoot US / BbWorld 2017

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What happens when two very similar, but also very contrasting, worlds collide? An explosion of insight and new ideas invades the space. The effect ripples as teachers, administrators, and policy makers bring their new insights and ideas home to energize their practice for the upcoming school year.

Below are 8 stars who shined at the last joint MoodleMoot US – BbWorld conference, the EdTech hit of the summer (in no particular order). You can also be sure to soak up on the social media activity with out “Twitter Moment.”

1. Elizabeth Dalton: Supporting multiple definitions of learning success.

With the “hot” status learning analytics gets these days, talks by Moodle HQ’s subject matter experts were long awaited. Dalton held a two-part practical workshop and revealed the advances in the flagship Project Inspire to offer forecasts about student behaviors and outcomes.

Click here to learn the latest about Project Inspire, an analytics machine learning Moodle ambition.

2. Tom Murdock: Embrace messiness

Leader of the brand new Education team at Moodle HQ, Murdock will helm more imaginative ways in which technology and pedagogy will blend. His mission, which officially started at this Moot, will involve equals part open-ended creativity and technology-based efficacy for the teaching practice.

Click here to read: Messiness, Time and Moodlerooms: An Interview With Moodle Education Manager.

3. Mae Jemison: Let’s inspire an inclusive, collective ambition for humanity

The words by the “first woman of color in space” felt “visceral,” “inspiring,” and “out of this world.” Since returning from the stratosphere, Jemison spends her time advocating for “3-D thinking” in our learning experiences to make them more “daring.”

4. Jill Biden: 60% of future jobs will require Higher Ed degrees

Former Second Lady of the US, university professor, doctor, and advocate in education, Biden shared some of her experiences in the world of higher education and American politics. Her decision to continue teaching during her tenure as SLOTUS gives us some idea of the place she’d rather be.

Read about what New Orleans has in store for Moodle this summer here.

5. Amanda Molina and Jenna Corraro: Step it up, playfully, through gamification

A joint talk from these two members of the New Jersey Institute of Technology and long time veteran Moodlers featured a case study in increasing engagement without sacrificing quality. Their proof of concept was applied in a higher education context.

6. Gavin Henrick: When it comes to third-party integration, be “groovy”

With an always welcome pragmatism, Henrick took part in two breakout sessions (“Office & Google integration with reference to mobile” and “Using the new Media player to increase usability and accessibility”) and a joint talk with the “Moodler” (“The Future of User Experience: an Envisioning Session”) discussing the new Moodle tools that could enhance the student experience and expand it into mobile, if handled with care.

Details of “Mobile-First Learning or ‘NeverMobile’? A MoodleMoot UK & Ireland 2017 Panel” here.

7. The “Moodler,” Martin Dougiamas: Skyrocketing community-fueled User Experience

With his usual share of educational tales that blend his experience with a historical perspective and an outlook for the future, Dougiamas welcomed the audience to “envision” how Moodle will look in a landscape of mobile, virtual, and augmented realities.

Read our previous coverage here: What Will Moodle Look Like In The Next 10 Years? The Creator Wonders.

8. Temple Grandin: Over-protectiveness gets in the way of real-life skills

In an exclusive live interview, Grandin discussed her remarkable life story and her views on accessibility, especially when it comes to working with students with autism spectrum disorder. Carefulness is too often confused with preventing exposure to any kind of new experience.

See our Twitter Moment here: Tweets about #MootUS MoodleMoot 2017, First Session.

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