8-Week Moodle Course Creator Certification (MCCC) starts April 6th

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ELearning Experts, a US-based Moodle Partner is launching an online Moodle Course Creator Certification course on April 6th. This course will work with new and experienced Moodlers to guide them through effective course creation with the popular LMS and culminates with a globally recognized certification, the MCCC.

The cost of the program is $500 and runs April 6th through June 1st.

According to,

The MCCC is a way for you to demonstrate your skills in using Moodle as a teacher. The assessment contains a course, a short narrative document, and an online exam. You will be assigned an MCCC-certified mentor-assessor to help guide you through this process. When you pass the certification you are given a code that lets you (or anyone else you give it to) download your personalized certificate as a PDF from this site.

The MCCC process assumes that you already know what you need to know and just want to be assessed and certified. However, Moodle Partners provide training courses that allow you to fulfill the project and narrative elements of the MCCC – please talk to your Moodle Partner about this.

Have you created at least one Moodle course, used Moodle for the better part of a year, know your way around Moodle Docs, used Moodle activities and resources beyond labels and quizzes, and are ready to certify your knowledge? The MCCC might be for you.

Interested? Check out (the official MCCC information course) and connect with eLearning Experts (1-888-928-3848 or email [email protected]) or visit

For more training (free and paid) opportunities check out

Note: eLearning Experts, LLC is a supporter of

If you could attend any type of Moodle training this year, what would the subject be? Tell us in the comments below!


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