A ‘Brexin’ Of Educational Technology. MoodleMoot UK & Ireland London 2017

A 'Brexin' Of Educational Technology. MoodleMoot UK & Ireland London 2017

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One of the unexpected blessings of Open Source technologies are their comparative resilience to global political turmoil. As long as there is enough connectivity, any teacher can set up Moodle to bring value and engagement to their students. While diplomatic tensions and trade conflicts can bring bumps in the road of commercial solutions, Open Source keeps leaping forward.

There should be no fear the educational technologists across Great Britain and Ireland will remain a stronghold of Moodle use and innovation, whose best practices will enjoy a global stage at the upcoming MoodleMoot UK & Ireland 2017.

The Moodle summit will take place at the Park Plaza Riverbank in London during the 10th, 11th and 12th of April. It evolved as a natural next step in the evolution of a community based on practical approaches in education and software development. Nowadays, MoodleMoots take place all over the world and connect a global audience around the Open Source LMS.

MoodleMoot UK & Ireland features what the “Moodleverse” knows and love about them:

  • Applied workshops run by Moodle HQ staff and experts.
  • Trade renowned keynote speakers, this time including the “Moodler”, Moodle CEO and Founder Martin Dougiamas.
  • An international array of presenters who share their years worth of experience and the resulting innovative ideas.
  • Community panels, conversations and debates.
  • Networking sessions.
  • And of course social, loosen-your-tie evening meetings.

Find out more at the MoodleMoot site.

And whether you decide to attend or not, the MoodleMoot app will keep you on the loop of the largest “Moot” of the year so far.



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