A Look At The Issues In Analytics Ahead Of July’s MoodleMoot US & BbWorld

A Look At The Issues In Analytics Ahead Of July's MoodleMoot US & BbWorld

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Next week, the first of two MoodleMoot US 2017 will take place in New Orleans. Only this time, the Moot will take place alongside BbWorld 2017, Blackboard’s largest event. Both large and diverse communities, the interaction between Moodle and Blackboard events is set to spark debate–and hopefully some cross-pollination on how best enhance learning and education practices.

And thus, it is expected that analytics will play a big role in the conversation and the convergence of point of views. Because while even issues such as engagement or technology can still be a matter of taste, analytics are quantitative and allow for evidence-based learning interventions.

In a blog post, Blackboard offers a list of Analytics-themed presentations scheduled for BbWorld 2017. The event will include a category titled, “Using Analytics to Drive Student Success,” and the accepted presentations might give us a sense of the concerns and advances in analytics in 2017 and years to come.

While learning analytics enjoys some maturity as a subject, we find there is still important work to be done in helping newcomers make sense of what they are and what their power is. But along with talks such as Starting at square one: A learning analytics primer, we also find more than one door in, backed by research, with talks like Large-scale learning analytics research in LMS course design and A ‘fitbit’ for education? What we know about student-facing dashboards. A final recommendation is the expert view of analytics veteran John Whitmer, who will introduce Surprises and confirmations in learning analytics research at Blackboard.

During a more practice-focused set of sessions, predictive analytics is finding increasing support as it evolves into a “lifecycle technology” to inform educators every step of the way. For this path, there are talks like Rolling-out predictive analytics as easy as 1, 2, 3Leveraging the power of analytics: from idea to implementation; and Data democratization: A key strategy for creating a campus culture of data informed decision-making.

It is also interesting to note how technology is beginning to look at tools and methods for faculty development. At the event, sessions on this topic include Leveraging Blackboard solutions for program assessment: Four perspectives; and Tweeting teachers, Facebook faculty, and Pinterest professors: Personalized, goal-centered, and data-driven strategies to find, use, track, and evaluate.

The landscape would not be complete without reflective talks, which take a step back and show us the evolution of analytics as “paper towns.” Most illustrative of this are “And as we wind on down the road:” An analytics journey and Organizational strategies for student success: Decisions, decisions…

Attendees of MoodleMoot US 2017, from July 25th to 27th in New Orleans, will enjoy full access to BbWorld 2017. See a detailed list of Analytics-themed talks coming up in BbWorld 2017 here.

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