Apply To Work On Moodle In South America Full-Time For A Month, Expenses Paid

Apply To Work On Moodle In South America Full-Time For A Month, Expenses Paid

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Hacker Paradise is an initiative where developers with a sense of adventure get to work on projects as they move from place to place. It is a traveling community specially designed for developers. Starting January 2017, a trip will begin to Buenos Aires. Their motto is

Travel the world. Build cool things. Meet awesome people.

Today, Hacker Paradise and digital media company Changelog are teaming up to offer developers a month-long Open Source Fellowship in Lima or Buenos Aires. The goal of this program is to “maximize the impact these fellowships can have on the open source community”. This could be the perfect opportunity to work on that Moodle contribution you’ve always felt the world needed!

Candidates should be maintainers or contributors to popular Open Source projects, with 1 or 2 ideas for thing they would like to contribute to the project. Developers not currently engaged in Open Source can also submit ideas for new or improvements to existing Open Source projects. The project must be the optimal combination of feasibility and impact, within the month-long time frame. A Moodle plugin sounds like the perfect endeavor.

The invitation seeks to help those who otherwise would not have the means to devote themselves to Open Source, full-time, for a month.

The fellowship includes private accommodations, workspace and a USD 750 stipend. Traveling nor any other expenses are included. Four-week long trips will start in January 8th and February 5th for Buenos Aires, and March 12th and April 9th for Lima. Developers with no Fellowship can sign up for the whole three months and get a reduced fee, provided they are accepted.

Applications will be received until December 12th. Interviews will follow, on a first-come, first-served basis.

Due to its prominence, it is to be expected that projects involving Moodle would not only be valid but worthy of high marks in your application. However, no official confirmation is known by either Moodle HQ or Hacker Paradise at this time.

Access the application form here.

Read more about the Open Source Fellowship here. If your company is interested in providing sponsorship, you can find information on the link.

Read more about Hacker Paradise at

Find out regular pricing for the program here.


What would your optimal Moodle development environment look like? Share your vision of paradise in the comments!



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