Are you ready for the biggest online Moodle conference – iMoot 2017! Coming next week #imoot17

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Are you looking for attending a Moodle conference without getting out of your seat? If yes, then get ready for iMoot 2017 – the biggest online Moodle conference which is starting from Thursday 18th May and will continue till Saturday 20th May 2017. The conference will run non stop for 52 hours with sessions delivered by Moodle experts and Community members throughout the globe.
The keynote speakers for this years iMoot 2017 are announced by the organizing team. The Keynote speakers for the iMoot 2017 are as follows:

  • Hideto HarashimaJapan:  Hideto is a professor of English and Linguistics at Maebashi Institute of Technology in Japan. Hideto
    is one of the early adopters of Moodle since 2004. He also won the Japan e-Learning Awards 2014 for his practice of teaching with Moodle. He is a founding president of Moodle Association of Japan and a committee member of Moodle User’s Association.
  • Andrew Chiu – Hong Kong: Andrew is the Educational Technology Coordinator at the American International School, Hong Kong. A perfect crusader for Moodle, Google Apps For Education (including classroom and Google Apps Scripts), Gibbon, ed tech, LX (learner experience), agile schools, edcamp & PD, project-based learning, startups in schools, virtual exchanges.

Are you ready for the biggest online Moodle conference - iMoot 2017! Coming next week #imoot17
The other speakers list include some incredible names like:

  • Stuart Mealor – The top 50 Moodle plugins
  • Vasilis Palilis – Designing courses for STEM on Moodle
  • Eran Adi Cioban – Designing mobile learning using the web interface
  • Sam Suresh – Using Moodle as Certification Platform
  • Justin Hunt – Oh what that Poodll can do..
  • Miranda Verswijvelen – Storytelling and branched scenarios in Moodle
  • Dom Seneque – Horses (course topics) for courses, and
  • Jaswinder Singh (Obviously Myself) – The top 10 H5P activities for Moodle Teachers

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Apart from all these, there are many interesting sessions lined up during the conference. iMoot 2017 is the perfect opportunity to meet all the Moodle experts and learn about different aspects of using Moodle. Hope to see you all during my presentation.
Are you going to attend the iMoot 2017? Let us know in the comments below if you have any questions about H5P and its use in Moodle.

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