Back to School: Attend a Moot in 2010/2011

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It’s back to school week!  We have all the tips and tricks for getting a jump start with Moodle this school term and will be sharing a few of our favorites all this week.

I experienced a Moot 1st hand this year and you should too.  If at all possible: plan on attending a Moot this year.  Not only will you get exposed to some of the most cutting edge Moodle-based innovations and features available now or soon, but you’ll connect with individuals from around the state, country and world who are eager to share their expertise and tips.

Here’s the best list of Moodle-based events worldwide:

There are a few US-based or online conferences approaching as well:

  • Moodle’rrific Show and Tell:  This event is coming up September 17th through 24th and I believe will take place in Elluminate (a live webinar tool).  Should be a great opportunity to see real courses live and to be able to ask their designers for some tips and tricks.  Here’s the event description,

A free and open Moodle Meet or Professional Learning Potluck to share examples of moodle courses, ideas, best practice, course snippets and get advice and moodle support.

The purpose of “New Era Teaching and Learning” is to bring educators together from across the world to ‘show and tell’ their successful online practices, innovative uses of technology and personalized teaching ideas.

Some of our partners this week include: BC Ministry of Education, Commonwealth of Learning, CUE BC and CEET.

The moodle meet will ensure that educators have access to a network of colleagues to help one another be the best they can be as online or mixed-mode educators and will ensure that students have access to engaging and effective online courses.

To participate, complete our online registration form. We will send you a reminder and further information closer to the course start date.

  • PA Online Learning Symposium []: The PAOLS event is October 28th through 30th and will feature synchronous online sessions and face to face sessions around the state of Pennsylvania.  More information at; it’s only $25 dollars to attend and is not limited to PA certified teachers only.
  • iMoot 2011:  Look for this event announcement before the end of 2010 and for it to take place sometime in January or February 2011.  This was a phenomenal event which took place entirely online.  Smooth, worthwhile and stuffed with amazing presentations by the world’s foremost Moodle experts.

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