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Blackboard, one of the largest Moodle Partners (if not the largest) in the world is live streaming BbWorld 2015 for free to your computer over the next three days. This year’s BbWorld is less about the product than about empowering teachers and learners according to their announcement,

80% of the main stage time at BbWorld this year won’t be about Blackboard– at least not in the way you might expect. There is very little debate that we are in a time of change in education, with calls for transformation from all corners. At Blackboard we hold a fundamental belief that this change should be driven by the needs of the learners. That we must reimagine education in a way that puts the learners at the center and provides processes and solutions that encourage, support, and motivate them along their pathways. We have made it the focus of our company – and the focus of our annual BbWorld conference.

Registration is no cost and you’ll be setup to watch any of the keynotes and tracks that focus on development, learners today, k12, higher education, professional development and more.

Today features Blackboard CEO Jay Bhatt giving the opening keynote for the event which is taking place in Washington, DC (world wide headquarters of the company).

For more information on how to register and get access to the sessions and keynotes check out

A few talks any educator might find interesting:

  • Peter Diamandis, one of Fortune’s Top 50 World Leaders and CEO of the X Prize Foundation who will give the closing keynote
  • Ryan Baker, Associate Professor of Cognitive Studies in Education at Columbia University and learning analytics/educational data mining pioneer will give the external keynote at Devcon
  • Jon Kolko, VP of Design at Blackboard will give (at 11:30am EST today the 21st) a talk on “how to use empathy to create products people love”

Note that you will need to register and then use the passcode provided by email to view any on demand session. Enjoy!

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