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The Government and Education Summit is a two-day global digital event. It aims to connect government and academic communities with sessions that promote reflection, and guests who share their success stories. This year, the event was hosted on November 3 and 4, where leaders came together to promote creativity for digital transformation and map out new methods for delivering education and innovative research. These leaders also shared the current transformation in education that has been achieved with the help of Google Cloud.

Here is a summary of the main conferences of the Government Education Summit 2021:

All videos are free on demand and require signing up.

AI for Good – The Importance of Trust in AI Innovation and Digital Transformation

This session was delivered by Adelina Cooke, global AI public policy leader and Dr. Chng ZhenZhi, director of Singapore’s National Artificial Intelligence Office (NAIO). This session discussed the challenges currently presented by Singapore’s NAIO andthe strategies to overcome them. These strategies comprise national AI projects including, cities, transportation, education, health and security. These elements mentioned above present challenges, for which tech approaches will help ensure Singapore citizens experience sustainable AI innovation and adaptation, likely as an example for the rest of the world.

The Age of the Digital Citizen in a Post Covid World 

Azlina Azman, who is part of the Malaysian Ministry of Education, and Angela Koh, Head of Emerging Markets at SEA, discussed in this session the impact the pandemic has had on society. They talked about how this crisis has shown that government and public sector services worldwide have been accelerated by the drastic change of digitization. And how after a year, people are readapting to the new normal after a post Covid world and the challenges they face. 

The Role of Edtech in the Industry 4.0 Era

This session with Patrik Mehta, Head of India’s Public Sector and SnehVaswani, CEO of Miko, Indian education technology company, talked about Industry 4.0 and its impending arrival; as well as how the tech industry has impacted education greatly. Post-COVID life has seen the adaptation and creation of tools and aids increase, such as hybrid, adaptive and reinforced learning and how these have enabled students to acquire a personalized learning experience. 

Surveying the Stars with Machine Learning

Jess Masciarelli, Google sales rep and Colin Slater, Research Scientist at the University of Washington’s Rubin Observatory shared about astronomical discoveries and how they have contributed to research and studies; and also how they have impacted earthlings. Colin explained how the Rubin Observatory uses machine learning to understand more about what is millions of light years away from Earth. Also this session discussed how the Legacy Survey of Space and Time (LSST) will give deeper insight and visibility to astronomy discoveries. 

Moving your Organization from “Doing” Digital to “Being” Digital

Covid-19 transformed usual things into virtuality, which even led the government ahead in the next stage of digitization, but as it is not all bad, this crisis also led many agencies to become digital organizations. In this session, Sandra Beattie First Deputy Director

New York State Division of the Budget and Vishal Kapur, Partner at Deloitte, discussed how governments could take advantage of what has happened to move forward and become a digital enterprise, one capable of sustaining and thriving in a world that is constantly transforming. 

Transforming Life Science and Personalized Care

Data collection for medicine is important, ranging from early risk and detection to care and preventive action. There are healthcare organizations that have a lot of data, but many of them struggle to turn this data into actionable knowledge. In this session the Adams School of Dentistry at the University of North Carolina told how they leveraged AutoML to assess the risk of early childhood dental caries, bringing big data analytics to the emerging field of precision dentistry. 

AI For All: It’s Easier Than You Think

It is a reality that with the increase in the use of digital devices for work, health and education is increasing. And clearly this must be appropriate for anyone to know how to use these tools, and some can  be complicated. Do not worry, it is easier and more practical than it seems. 

Public sector companies including schools are finding services that benefit from AI solutions, such as translation services in AI-based applications, specifically Babylon. In this session, Filipe Gracio, Customer Engineer and Natalie Godec, Staff Cloud Engineer at Babylon,  discuss how governments can take the first steps towards using service applications with AI. They also present case studies and mention the potential of AI to build better citizen participation in the future.

Grow With Google Facilitates Career Certificates For Jobs In Growing Fields

Grow With Google is an initiative that was created with the objective of creating economic opportunities for Spanish speakers who want to learn new skills and also have enough preparation for a new job or also to be motivated to create entrepreneurship in this new digital era that the pandemic has caused.

This initiative offers a curriculum called Applied Digital Skills, where students will learn to develop digital skills through free videos, they also offer quick courses for small businesses and job seekers.

You will be able to find everything mentioned above in Google Primer which is free, and you will learn business and digital marketing skills.

After having completed the course, they offer you a Professional Certificate of IT Support, with the objective of granting it to people with little or no experience so that they can perform basic tasks in IT (Information Technology) and this in a duration of 180 days.

Whatch the video if you want to know more.

The New Google Workspace For Education: What You Need To Know

Last October it was announced that G Suite for Education would become Google Workspace for Education, a change likely intended to give a more consistent structure to the giant’s educational products.

Google Workspace for Education is a collection of easy-to-use, cloud-based tools that provide security for learning, available to educational institutions and home schools.

The tools in Workspace for Education meet the needs of institutions around the world and is now available in four versions:

Google remains committed to working to offer institutions a different experience during classes.

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