CALL FOR PRESENTATIONS: Moodle MountainMoot 2017

CALL FOR PRESENTATIONS: Moodle MountainMoot 2017

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There are some large MoodleMoots on the year calendar, and there are “personable and hearty” ones. Both have a place in the “Moodleverse”. The large ones are for the big boys, the cutting edge, the 5-year prospecting. The small ones, while still closely keeping up with the big picture, add a local mystique and reveal the human warmth that gives sustenance to the global, yet neighborly Open Source community that is Moodle.

The 7th annual Mountain MoodleMoot, or just MountainMoot 2017, will take place at Liberal Arts Carroll College in Helena, a city as godlike as its name suggests, heart of the Rocky Mountains and capital of the US state of Montana. Taglined “A small Moot with big ideas“, even its description is evocative of the region and atmosphere:

Much more than just a conference a moot is a gathering of like minded folks from all around the US and abroad for a few days of learning, laughing, drinking and collecting moot bucks!

Interested presenters have few requirements to fulfill in order to be considered. The subject is open, and as long as “you know Moodle, have taught with moodle, or even know some best practices for teaching online“, you are welcome to submit your short presentation. (Even 6-minutes short pecha kuchas!) MountainMoot is looking for variety, no matter if it comes from higher ed, K-12 or business cases.

Deadline for presentations ends on Tuesday, April 25th, 2017.

Submit your proposal to MountainMoot here.

MountainMoot will take place in Helena, Montana, from Thursday, July 6th to Saturday 8th. Registration fees and opening dates are TBD.

Stay tuned at, ask specific questions at, or follow #mtmoot and @mtmoot.


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