Breaking! Check out the first prototype of the Moodle's MOOC platform – Moodle Academy #moodleacademy

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As we have earlier reported in this post; Moodle Academy – The MOOC platform built on Moodle is all ready to rock the world. Moodle Academy will be a centralized MOOC hosting platform run and managed by Moodle HQ. Recently the first prototype of Moodle Academy was available.
You can check out the prototype through The first impression of the platform is just awesome. With Moodle Academy “The sky’s the limit for teaching and learning possibilities“. The platform is designed such that you can create, customise and control your learning environment with the world’s number one learning platform, hosted in the cloud.

Moodle Academy Features:

Some quick features about the Moodle Academy MOOC platform are:

  • Quick, easy & up to date – You can setup your first course up and running in minutes. Also, the platform is automatically updated with the latest version of Moodle so you receive new features, improvements and fixes just as they are released.
  • Create amazing courses – Academy includes Moodle’s enormous catalog of tools for creating fun and engaging online learning spaces plus additional plugins and features.[bha size=’760×80′ variation=’01’ align=’aligncenter’]
  • Flexible – The modular setup of Academy means that you can create courses using components like lego blocks, adding or removing new activities and resources as you go. Style your course with your own custom details and logo.
  • Mobile friendly – The offficial Moodle mobile app connects seamlessly with the Moodle Academy so you can access your course content anywhere. 
  • Scalable – The best thing about Moodle academy is that it is scalable in nature which means that you need to bother about the server requirements, bandwidth requirements etc. It will be managed by the Moodle HQ team.

Initial Screenshots:

When I tried to get access to a sample course after signing up, I was just in love with the fluency in design and neat user experience. As a student, you can search courses by Partner institutions, or by Subjects. The Top menu also shows your courses along with a small progress bar. Check it out below:

Breaking! Check out the first prototype of the Moodle's MOOC platform - Moodle Academy #moodleacademy
Moodle Academy Home Page

The dashboard page is enticing enough with your Current, Upcoming and Archived Courses listed along with Tag cloud and Calendar block. Check out the first view below:
Breaking! Check out the first prototype of the Moodle's MOOC platform - Moodle Academy #moodleacademy
Moodle Academy Dashboard Page

On the course page, you will see a perfect blend of design and neat interface. The course completion check boxes are placed on the extreme left before the activity names. All the sections are boxed and all activities within sections are collapsed to keep the user interface neat and clean. Right sidebar has block like the Institution, Course Team members, and an improved Navigation block containing only the Course Sections.
Breaking! Check out the first prototype of the Moodle's MOOC platform - Moodle Academy #moodleacademy
Moodle Academy Course Page

Overall the platform seems to be quite promising one and once opened it may give tough competition to other MOOC platforms like Canvas Network.
We will keep you updated about further progress with Moodle Academy, Stay Tuned!. What’s your view about this new MOOC platform by Moodle and How it will be useful for the Moodle community? Share your views with us in the comments section below.
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