Check out the program outline and keynote speakers for MoodleMoot US 2017 New Orleans #BbWorld17 #mootUS17

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This year’s MoodleMoot US is going to be very special as the Moot participants will have the opportunity to network with great minds in education & exchange ideas, share best practices, and address today’s toughest educational challenges. The MoodleMoot US 2017 will be hosted by BbWorld 17 from 25-27th July 2017 in New Orleans.
The program outline is ready in shape and the keynote speakers are also announced. There are three keynote sessions to attend:

  • Moodle Founder and CEO, Dr Martin Dougiamas
  • Former Second Lady, Jill Biden
  • NASA Astronaut, Mae Jemmison

Check out the program outline and keynote speakers for MoodleMoot US 2017 New Orleans #BbWorld17 #mootUS17The program also includes panel discussions and sessions to share your ideas and best practice and ask questions on mobile learning, learning analytics and the Moodle Community. Check out the full program outline here. For more details and further happenings, check out the MoodleMoot US 2017 official website here.
Check out the full program session details for the entire BbWorld – check out the program in detail here.
If you are still interested in attending this year’s MoodleMoot along with BbWorld 2017, then you can grab your seat by registering through this link.
Are you going to attend the MoodleMoot with BbWorld 2017 this year? Or are you planning to attend the other MoodleMoot in US which will be held in November in Florida? Let us know in the comments below.

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