Check Your Wisdom On The Place Of Moodle In The LMS Market With This Webinar

Check Your Wisdom On The Place Of Moodle In The LMS Market With This Webinar

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Campus Technology has opened registration for “The Continued Importance of Open Source Moodle in the LMS Market”, a webinar dedicated to explore Moodle’s role in the world’s learning.

Headlines announcing the latest tool rocking the marketplace of learning solutions are never in shortage. From Canvas to Coursera and EdX, to even the Duolingo approach, each newcomer has had its Warholian time under the limelight. To their credit, some of them have been well received by parts of the learning community, with positive reviews and long term users.

Likewise, Moodle’s presence and influence in the Learning Management System market is undeniable. From being a source of “inspiration” to commercial products, to customizations of the software Core, Moodle is not only another competitor. This poses problems when looking at market share and growth figures, being an Open Source technology with no revenues to account for notwithstanding.

Modularity allows varying levels of integration with the LMS. Competitors such as Moodlerooms give example of the possible Moodle “hybrids” available. Having Moodle at the core of a learning platform benefits it from ongoing support, maintenance and development of new features, an ability difficult to match and sustain by systems lacking the help of the vast community of Moodle’s volunteers from around the world.

Regions with dire educational needs would benefit from a plethora of LMS choices. Moodle tends to be the first and only service available in many developing markets, as it does not always make business sense to cater to a segment of users that cannot afford commercial solutions, no matter how massive the userbases are.

These and other reasons will be discussed on the webinar to make the case for investing in Moodle, as a future platform and as a lifelong skill.

The webinar is sponsored by US Moodle Partner eThink Education. Sign up here and attend it next October 27th, at 11 PT (Find your time here).

What is your favorite LMS competitor? Let us know in the comments.


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