Come To MoodleMoot Colombia 2017 For Constructive And Open Talks About EdTech Today

Come To MoodleMoot Colombia 2017, The Most Peaceful In Decades

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The next edition of the Colombian Moot, to take place in the city’s capital, will bring the needs of both the nation and the South American region to the forefront of the conversation about open source learning technologies and the way they address real issues of real students.

An interview with Leticia Santoyo at reveals some of the exciting reasons why you should consider coming to Bogotá later this August.

With close to 50 million inhabitants, Colombia is not the largest country, but being the ninth Moodle nation in terms of registrations is outstanding. (It is 30th in the world in population size according to the CIA.) A drive for innovation and cutting-edge EdTech, with a special fondness for open source philosophy, helps explain the country’s warm embrace of Moodle. According to Santoyo, “Colombia’s education industry is undergoing a process of technological evolution caused by the upbringing of a new view of the student.” MoodleMoot Colombia will permit a “free ideas and experiences exchange” that will make us all better prepared to tackle on this new, exciting landscape.

Trademark of any Moot, participants will enjoy workshops, talks, and networking opportunities. This year the focus of the conversations are:

  • Emerging pedagogical practices
  • Learning analytics
  • Success cases in technology application
  • Mobile and adaptive learning

MoodleMoot Colombia will take place in Bogotá‘s iconic and trendy Chapinero borough, Thursday, August 31st, and Friday, September 1st.

“MoodleMoot Colombia está de regreso en el 2017. Asista a dos días de talleres y conferencias en Bogotá” at (in Spanish.)

Click here to visit the MoodleMoot Colombia 2017 official page.

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