Come To Moscow for MoodleMoot Russia 2017 on March 30th

MoodleMoot Russia 2017: An Interpreted Recap

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MoodleMoot, or the trademark for official Moodle conferences, will take place for the first time in Russian territory, at the Berlin Hotel on the Zyuzino District, in Moscow, on Thursday, March 30th. It’s MoodleMoot Russia 2017, or #MootRU17.

The day-long conference will begin with a “Modern Trends” in online and distance learning plenary session, about Russia and the world. Then, Moodle HQ’s very own Marina Glancy will host a “Moodle’s latest release and also what’s next” presentation. In the afternoon the session will be divided in three sections: Workshops, Reports and Moodle Roundtables.

Workshops include:

  • Gamification based on Moodle
  • Community management in corporate training
  • Offline tutoring in Moodle courses
  • Competencies management in Moodle
  • Webinars: adapting a full-time training script to an online format

The Reports will feature talks about the current state of distance, digital and online learning from a Moodle perspective. Presenters will discuss legislation, industry trends, knowledge management systems, and Moodle for undergraduate courses. A final round table, “Absentee competition with the use of the Moodle” will top the afternoon.

#MootRU17 will feature an advanced training session titled “Information and Learning Environment: electronic and distance learning, learning management automation“. Moot attendants will receive an advanced training certificate for their participation.

At 6pm, a cocktails session will take place.

MoodleMoot Russia 2017 is organized by Open Technologies, a Russian official Moodle Partner.

See the latest version of #MootRU17 program here.

Register here (in Russian).

Find out more at


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