dMoot: Community Moodle Docs hackfest and cleanup is October 20th

dmoot hackfest

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Next week is a special event that any community member can join in. The dMoot has been run in the past and focuses on cleaning up and improving the ever helpful Moodle Docs in advance of the next release, Moodle 3.0 which is already in QA cycle.

snip_20151016073829“dMoot, the one-day document-a-thon to help improve docs, will take place this Tuesday October 20, 2015, officially staring at 9:00 AM Eastern Standard time.

Like last year, it is organized by Emma Richardson, Dylan Romero, and Randy Thornton.

dMoot is open for anyone to join in and help out as we work together on the Moodle community documentation. If you have ever wanted Moodle Docs to be better, now is your chance to contribute.

A live video conference will be running all day. Drop in anytime for as much or as little time as you like, and help to improve any documentation pages you wish to work on.

At request of Helen Foster, the Moodle Community Manager, we will be focusing on cleaning out current documentation of outdated items to prepare it for the upcoming release of Moodle 3.0. We also hope to have a visit again this year from Mary Cooch, Moodle’s Documentation Fairy, to help encourage and direct our efforts.

For more information, visit Collaborative documents and the live video feed will be available there. Get involved!

For more Moodle events visit

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  1. Joe, Thanks for helping get the word out. I’d just like to emphasize that the dMoot is open to all.

    All Moodlers are welcome to drop and help out: ten minutes or an hour or whatever you can spare will be a great contribution to help yourself and help others.

    Special topics we will be focusing on are:

    – Removing outdated material
    – Updating Moodle installation instructions
    – Improving FAQs for all topics
    – Helping Make NEW for 3.0 set of ‘New User Guides’ pages

    Hope to see all there,


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