Don’t Let Your Learning Momentum Lose Steam After The Learn Moodle MOOC

Don't Let Your Learning Momentum Lose Steam After The Learn Moodle MOOC

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The fourth week has concluded in Moodle’s official “Teaching with Moodle” or “Learn Moodle” MOOC, the semi-annual tradition of welcoming new Moodlers into everything the open source LMS has to offer and of getting existing users up to speed with the newest features from the latest version.

Once again, the MOOC was coordinated by Mary Cooch, Moodle HQ’s Community Educator. In a post, Cooch reveals that over 6,000 students started the journey four weeks ago. Some of them signed up even earlier and started sharing and meeting each other on the forums. In the end, Cooch reports that 780 students successfully completed all activities, earning a Certificate of Completion and a shiny Moodle Badge, which they can display on a Moodle site, an online Portfolio or, why not, their resumes.

In the final week, content covered the Moodle Workshop. This activity allows educators to create structured learning experiences with several phases, where a variety of sequential tasks can be included. A key element of the Workshop is the peer-based review phase, where students can assess each other and provide feedback, but they can also learn from each other’s work and showcase their own.

What comes next?

Even if you already have your certificate and your badge, there are still plenty of activities, even within the MOOC’s Moodle site, for you:

  • Give feedback. Show your sense of gratitude and reciprocity by sharing with Moodle HQ an honest critique of how the course went, as well as ideas and suggestions.
  • Join student courses and share your own. As is tradition for the MOOC, participants work on their own Moodle Course, applying their newly-learned skills to enhance the quality of activities and make for a more engaging experience. Most of these courses are still available, so you are welcome to explore them and let others take a look at yours.
  • Read Moodle founder’s vision for the future. Cooch has shared Martin Dougiamas’ words on pedagogy, the founding principles of Moodle, and the ways we can help advance this learning revolution.

Continuing your education

Some students would like to dig deeper into the ways Moodle lets teachers manage classrooms and gradings. Others might feel more passionate about developing engaging content that can be used by many teachers, or self-paced students. A few could have even become interested in the administrative side of things, thinking about how to deliver and streamline an institutional learning offering, perhaps under a competency lens. Or you could have ended up wanting to create new exciting functionality or interfaces and would like to learn about plugin and theme development.

In any of these cases, the official Moodle recommendation is to contact your country’s official Moodle Partners. They are providers of Moodle services who interact with Moodle HQ closely and often give specialized training. Many of them offer online training, so you can access their courses no matter where you are in the world. Find a Moodle Partner here.

Read final remarks on the MOOC on

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