eLearning Africa And Cape Town Moot, To Test Moodle Potential And Commitments For The People

eLearning Africa 2018

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The future of Africa, and to an extent the world, depends on educational technologies. Some of the continent’s most forward thinking minds and Martin Dougiamas will meet for eLearning Africa 2018 in Kigali, Rwanda.

The year’s theme is “Uniting Africa” and it hopes to tackle the challenges and opportunities brought upon by technology. We have learned how being able to interact and collaborate at such unprecedented scale can “break down barriers,” as well as it can bad actors from profiting by erecting new ones.

Personalities at eLearning Africa include:

  • Nii Narku Quaynor, co-responsible for the introduction of the internet to the continent;
  • Mamphela Ramphele, anti-apartheid advocate and academic;
  • Bitange Ndemo, professor and researcher in ICT

Stick around for MoodleMoot South Africa 2018

In October 11th and 12th, Dougiamas will kick off the first Moot ever in the continent.

It has taken far too long for an African MoodleMoot to take place. But Moodle’s role in the continent’s learning is nothing but prescient. Moodle Partners in Nigeria (eThink Education) and South Africa (AOSIS eLearning, both sponsoring the event) support the seemingly unrivaled adoption of Moodle. Although dependable figures are scarce, a sample of official Moodle registrations show a landscape difficult to match by either proprietary or free LMS alike, with a market share likely to reach beyond 70% and a total 2,690 sites, surpasses countries like India or France.

Figures at the time of writing:

Early bird registrations have been extended until September 24, with a fee of $5,000 Rand, down from $5,200. Visit the official site of MoodleMoot Africa 2018 at

Read more: “eLearning Africa – Where opportunity meets innovation” at


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