Final Questions with @MoodleMan: iMoot Unconference and his favorite part about the Moodle community

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Our final installment of the interview with Julian Ridden regarding the iMoot coming up in May.  Julian let us know about a very exciting first ever “Unconference” stage at the virtual iMoot which will let participants post, collaborate on and then launch short presentations on the fly.  Sounds like an exciting addition.

MNs: What makes this year different?
Julian: This years iMoot adds a twist. We will still have the structured program running 24 hours a day for the 4 days like we did last year. But also we are introducing an UnConference that will run along side. The unconference is one run by attendees…not the organisers. We have a forum for ideas to be discussed, a wiki for anyone to add to the program and a live dedicated room that users can drop in to at any time to deliver or hear sessions. The idea is that users may get ideas on things they wanted to present but want a smaller slot, or maybe a last-minute idea popped up, or they want to respond to something they heard in another session. It will also provide a great place for Poster sessions. The unconference will provide a place for this all to happen. It will be an interesting experience to say the least and we are looking forward to seeing what the community do with the opportunity

MNs: In 5 years, is there still an iMoot and what does it look like?
Julian: Wow. I am still just thinking about this year and maybe next. I hope to see it become more involved with a local presence as well. Lots of events held face to face, all streaming live into the web. My intent is always just to bring more content to the masses and make it more accessible than ever before. I would also like to think that one day we can get enough in sponsorship that the event could be free.

MNs: What Moodle projects or development initiatives make you most excited these days?
Julian: There are so many. I get most excited seeing how users are twisting Moodle into more creative uses. The increased focus on usability is also a plus. And, as always, my heart still lies with themes. So many theme developers are doing some cool things with theme’s making Moodle more attractive than ever. Be sure to come to my talk on the best plugins for 2012 that I am presenting at this year’s iMoot to hear more 😛

Stay tuned for more and don’t forget to register for this year’s iMoot at

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