Gear Up – For second round of Moodle HQ Usability Studies #moodle

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Moodle HQ team is calling Teachers/Instructors with course editing rights to take part in the second round of Moodle HQ Usability Studies.  To take part in the study, Moodle HQ team is looking for teachers, trainers and anyone else with course editing rights. The results from the study will help in improving the future Moodle development.
The second round of usability studies is already running and you can participate in it till Wednesday 20 September 7:30 AM UTC. Moodle HQ team would like to hear from English-speaking Teachers/Instructors who have editing rights to Moodle courses (or administrators who often access Moodle course settings) to take part.

What you need to do to take part in the study?

You need to spend 15-30 minutes in trying out a prototype and give your opinion based on that. A Moodle HQ researcher will set up a remote screen-sharing session with you on your own computer. 
To take part in the current round of study, you need to have:

  • access to online sessions using Zoom meetings.
  • access to a microphone and a broadband internet connection
  • Give consent to Moodle HQ to record video and audio of your interactions using Moodle on your desktop screen.

The feedback during the research will be kept anonymous and will be used to deliver better user experience. If you are interested in participating in usability research study, sign up using the link below:

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